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Kids fighting in the backseat.
Just another day with siblings who love each other so very much.
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Justin having blood drawn
We were told that my son, Justin, 11 yrs old, has an enlarged thyroid. They had to run some blood tests to find out why. He's such a big boy.
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Loose tooth (hanging by a thread) lol
My little boy has a tooth literally hanging on by a thread. He won't pull it. Lol
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Kids fighting in the backseat. Part 2
My kids fighting, as usual.
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Snow in Odum Ga!
We never have snow in the south. Lol This is the first time that my little ones have ever seen snow! Its so exiting for them.
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Justin never backs down from a dare lol
I dared my 11 year old to go stand out by the blow up thingy in Hinesville Ga, and mimic it, in front of all the busy traffic.. 😂 As I said, he never backs down from a dare lol
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Erica's wisdom teeth video pt 1
My daughter had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled out a few years ago. LOL enjoy
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Parrot copying sex moans LOL
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Mr turtle trying to escape
We were letting Mr Turtle get some sun, but he didn't too much like being in the box. He wanted out & back into his nice big aquarium lol
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Mr Owly
A friend brought Me owl to me. He had been hit by a car. He had a broken wing. I kept him and fed him for a few days until I could get him to the raptor center. He was able to be released back into the wild after he was rehabilitated. If you find an injured owl please contact the nearest raptor center. A game warden will most likely euthanize them.
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Chiuhauha biting under the covers lol
Our Chiuhauha, "Bubbles" is very protective of the kids. If she thinks someone is trying to hit one of them, she attacks.. But she can't see through the blanket 😂
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Mr Owly eats some dinner. ❤
A friend brought Mr Owly to me. He had been hit by a car & had a broken wing. I cared for him until I was able to get him to The Raptor Center. He was rehabilitated & released back into the wild. If you find an injured owl, do not call a game warden. They will most likely euthanize it. Contact your the nearest raptor center. There are ppl willing to transport them.
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The weather forcast
It never snows in South Ga. This is the second snow in the last 20 years! Sorry for the small screen. Was recorded with Snapchat. Lol
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Guy playing his guitar, waiting for American Idol auditions in Savannah Ga.
When my daughter auditioned for American Idol, we waiting in line (in the middle of the night) for hours. We passed the time singing and listening to other ppl sing and play the guitar. Savannah Ga. American Idol auditions
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Erica & our sweet little dog, Lola. ❤
Erica recently moved out, over the summer. She is going to college. Lola misses Erica. Every time she comes home to visit, Lola doesn't move from her lap. Lpl
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My sweet hellions 😂
My babies playing in the snow. Lol I am in no way calling my kids names. My oldest daughter & I were playing around with snap chat filters. Lol We only see snow here every 10 years (maybe) This is the most we've had in a long time. Love my babies more than anything in the world. They are having fun 😄
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My dog, dreaming.. LOL
Phoebe sleeps through noise and dreams. Its so funny watching her twitch. Lol
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"I wanna get rid of daddy"
Daelan was yelling and running in front of the tv while his brothers were playing ps4. His daddy told him to calm down & stop running lol He didn't take it too well 😌
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