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Journalists got under Ukrainian artillery in Donetsk (Eng. subs)
31.01.2017 several groups of journalists from different TV channels got under Ukrainian artillery fire in a living district of #Donetsk. They managed to hide in the basement where there's a shelter for civilian people.
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Maidan-style democracy. Another citizen of Mariupol is made to love Ukraine.
To switch on English subs click an icon in the left down corner, that next to "clock" This is Vlad,16, a streamer from Mariupol. He filmed what he saw and Uploaded it to the Internet. He became well-known after his on-line translation of Ukrainian National Guard attack of the citymain police-staion on the Victory day, the 9th of May. 25.06 he was kidnapped. His mother applied to police, but he wasn't found untill this video appeared. The man in balaclava has already been recorgnized as a former deputy of Ukrainian Parliament (Rada), now a leader of a patriotic organization in Odessa, Pavel Kirilenko. The boy is reported to be kept now in Zaporizhe in police. This is not the only case of kidnapping in Mariupol in order to "make the separatists to love Ukraine" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVxKs32DYss (with English subs) Mariupol has never had many armed militia. In June it was taken under control by Ukrainian National Guard (battalions "Asov", Dnepr-1") with the help of some foreign (English-speaking) mercenaries http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYNQEk239a4 As the First Deputy Prime Minister of DPR Andrey Purgin reported, more than 400 people captured on the territory of DPR by the Ukrainian law enforcers. "It's only official data, it is difficult to say the real number, but probably more. Most of them are ordinary civilians, such as elderly women in their 60s, who were the secretaries and heads of commissions during the referendum. There are also simple people who have been caught by Ukrainian law enforcers by accident, not even having any relation to our struggle," said Purgin to "Interfax" agency. According to Purgin, the captured people are kept in remand prisons in different regions of Ukraine. He said that the practice of capturing hostages is a significant obstacle preventing the peaceful process in the region. "Hostage-taking makes the opposite side to do the same, because a captured person can only be swapped. The vicious circle essentially impedes the ceasefire and the peace process," added Purgin.
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Apeal to the American people (Philip Vartan Melchizedek)
From Maidan to the South-East of Ukraine (To switch on English subs, click a small icon in the right down corner, next to the "clock") Kharkov, the square of Independence, 1st of May,2014 I address to simple Americans. I address to people. Several months ago the government of your country, The USA, overtly interfered into the home affairs of Ukraine. At first it looked like innocent enough advice, and some part of our citizens decided to follow this advice. They have taken weapons, killed hundreds of people, and deposed the president, no matter if he was good enough, they've seized the power and for three months they haven't known what to do with it. We haven't got our jobs any more, neither we've got our salaries or pen-sions, nor any real authorities who must defense us and our families. A civil war is going on in the streets and squares all over Ukraine, and our simple Ukrainian people are nearly desperate. The innocent advice turned into American officials walking around the Ukrainian governmental buildings, and the American soldiers looking after the disobedient South-East dissidents. So I decided to appeal to you, simple Americans. I know that most of you are kind-hearted, sympathetic, responsive and trusting, loving peace and calm, comfort and sustainability. I of-ten heard from you that you disapprove the policy of your government in territories of for-eign countries. But this unrest is tentative and careful, what can't be said about your gov-ernment's foreign policy. I can understand your attitudes. You are afraid of losing the magic stick, due to which your everyday life is full of comfort, wealth, stability and the exceptional-ity. You're afraid of giving up something that no other nation has or will ever have. You're in awe of your great miracle -- your free dollar. You know this story better than I do -- how in the dark times of the second world war the dollar turned into the yoke for the whole world and into the blessing for America. Since then, to become wealthier you just have to print an-other portion of your American dollars, with their net cost actually equal to the cost of the water signed paper. And if you offered to other nations this free dollar, not your American Democracy, which sounds too different in other languages, I'm sure, people all over the world would bless you and your government. But it's impossible. Both you and I understand very well that dollar can be free for Americans only. That's the point. Well, things wouldn't have been so bad if there hadn't been one scary condition: to prolong the existence of the free American dollar at least once in several years a non-American nation must die for it. Formally, one victim in ten or fifteen years used to be enough, but nowadays it happens every two or three years. Dollar is impetuously getting older, and its maintenance demands mass sacrifice. I address to you, simple Americans -- only you can stop this nightmare quickly and without any bloodshed. Go and tell your government that you don't want comfort and wealth at the price of human lives. Do this to get read of all non-American humanity's loathing. Do it to get back all the humanity's love -- deny you government the right to kill other nations. Go and tell your government you don't want us, Ukrainians to perish. Please, do this, because you, simple American citizens, are the only power your government is afraid of. Do this right now, because deep in your heart you understand that it leads to not only our destruction, but to the common destruction. And we don't want to die. Neither ourselves, nor together with you. - Off the junta! Don't look for justice in the world, but become the justice yourself.
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Injured boy Vanya Voronov taken from Donetsk to Moskow
In Donetsk as a result of artillery shooting a shrapnel exploded in a yard of a house and ruined the life of a family. This story may shock anyone. Even experienced doctors of the resuscitation department in the trauma hospital are shocked, though they have seen a lot. Their patient is only 8 years old. Vanya needs your help very much.For him and his family there has been openned an account. Here are its banking details: JSC "Sberbank of Russia", ad. office # 9038/01755 KOR account 30101810400000000225 BIC of the bank 044525225 the account of the reciever: for rubles 40820 810 5 3811 0002970 for $ 40820 840 9 3811 0000115 for euro 40820 978 7 3811 0000038 The name of the receiver: Voronova Lesya Viktorovna PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN
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Shocking confession of "Tornado" leader: why did they tortured civilians?
In June 2017 in a town Privolye in government-controlled part of Donbass 7 members of staying there special military group "Tornado" subordinated to Ukrainian Home Office were detained and accused for kidnapping, rapes and torturing of local civilians. The investigation showd they had specially equipped basement in school building where they were tormenting men, wonen and children and filming it (Here's the video with English subs of the investigation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4TyW-8amNQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4TyW-8amNQ&t=149s). Now, when a year long the investigation has finished and the court hasstarted, some Ukrainian MP (Melnitchuk, Semenchenko) are trying to effect the court and public oppinion to show the "Tornado" as Ukrainian patriots fighting against pro-Russian separatists. Some nationalist radicals and participants of another para-military regiment "AZOV" are demanding to let "Tornado" free https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NF8xlDDqgA The leader of "Tornado", Ruslan Onischenko, previously 5 times convicted for serious crimes, in his speach applies to Ukrainian people and explains why they "had to fight" against civilians.
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Civilian victims after bus stop shelling In Gorlovka, Donetsk Republic
Since 11.01.15 Gorlovka has been heavilly shot with artillery again, after more or less calm period of the сeasefire. 19.01.15 a shrapnel exploded on a bus stop.
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3 children killed with a Ukrainian shell / 3 hijos asesinados por ucraniano proyectil
Video with english subs Subtítulos Españoles Taken from here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbccQEjo5t0 Before the truce: 3 children killed with a Ukrainian shell in Gorlovka 12.02.2015 A Ukrainian shell flew into the bath-room, where a 13 yeared girl helped her 7-yeared sister and a 2-yeared brother to have bath. All children died immediately. Before the cease-fire, which, as it was agreed in Minsk, must start 15.02.2015, Ukrainian forces increased the shelling of Donetsl, Luhansk, Gorlovka, Makeevka and other cities and towns of Donbass, making attempts to attack them. Eine Ukrainische shell flog in das Bad, wo ein 13 Jahre altes Mädchen geholfen, Ihre 7-jährige Schwester und einen 2-jährigen Bruder zu haben, Badewanne. Alle Kinder starben sofort. Vor dem Waffenstillstand, der, wie es vereinbart war in Minsk, müssen start-15.02.2015, Ukrainische Truppen erhöht den Beschuss von Donetsl, Luhansk, Gorlowka, Makeevka und anderen Städten und Gemeinden des Donbass, machen versucht, um Sie anzugreifen.
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A wounded girl from Gorlovka, Donetsk republic, "Thanks" Poroshenko
A video with English subs.
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Donetsk after a trolleybus shelling. The war, european values and freedom of speech.
A video with English subs. People are talking with a journalist about their life in Donetsk in conditions of "Anti-Terrorist Operation", carried out by Ukrainian army, about freedom of speech in the world, about Ukraine and it's president Poroshenko. 22.01.2015 at about 9 a.m. in Donetsk a tram srop in Bosse Street was shot with some shells. As witnesses report,the shells hit the roof of a boiler house, some privat cottages, a car and a trolleybus. About 15 people were killed. «There were 4 volleys, – the witnesses report. – People fell knocked down, in the t houses nearby windows were broken». As "Today.ua" reports referencing to the witnesses, the tram stop was shot at from a garbage truck. The officials of Kiev and Donetsk People's republic blame each other for the provocation.
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Ukrainian member of parliament Lyashko interrogates a "separatist"
To switch on the subs click the "capture" button in the right down corner. Oleh Lyashko is a Ukrainian politician, a member of Verkhovna Rada (the parliament) and leader of the Radical Party. In the 2014 Ukrainian presidential election he received 8.32% of the vote. On 21 June 1993 Lyashko was indicted for grand funds embezzlement.[ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oleh_Lyashko
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Ukrainian army bombed Stanitsa Luhanskaya 02 07 14. "Why Putin doesn't help?"
Subs can be switched on by clicking "capture" button in the right down corner. The Ukrainian chastizers' aircraft has bombed a peaceful town Stanitsa Luhanskaya (near Luhansk) About 20 civillians are reported to die or heavilly wounded, among them a 5-yeared boy Vanya Yermilov, who selebrated his 5th birthday a day ago. He was killed in his own house with his father, Vladimir Yermilov. Their burnt bodies were found under ruins of their house, which was destroyed with aircraft bombardment at 11 a.m. as well as dozens of other houses in their town. - I went to my job - his mother Olga says, - but I felt some anxiety. And when I was told what had happened, I didn't want to live any more. My dear, they liked lying together on the sofa, iwatching TV. Now they'll be buried together.What for!? Why? Those fiends, weren't they born by human mothers! Poroshenko, Timoshenko and all those fashists! -- Why, there were no militiants, no checkpoints, nothing! Here's a destroyed bridge, it was pedestrian! And there's a burned car, there were a retired elderly couple in it. There were no militiants in the town, all their positions were far outside! - My husband and his friend were in his garage - Nelly Sotelnik, an elderly woman tells, Сотельник, пожилая женщина в черном платке. -- They were mending the car. I heared the roaring of a plane, and then an awful thunder, like an earthquake.And there was fire in the place of our garage. My husband got ten shrapnell shells, his friend eight. Both died immediately. ... The Ukrainian media first reported that air bombardment of civilian district is a mistake. Later they gave their favourite version: the "pro-russian separatists" hit their own houses.
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An Unconquered.   A Donetsk militiawoman "Ginger" in ruins of her house.
Svetlanа, aka a militiawoman of the Republic Guard with the call sign "Ginger", 17 , was born in Donetsk. Now both of her family's houses have been destroyed by Ukrainian "Grads", she's come to the debris to find there her great-grandfather's awards for the WW2. The sourse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7kKooW_pos Gleb Kornilov: http://vk.com/gleb_kornilov Еo provide financial assistance to the militia of Novorossia: http://spasidonbass.ru/make-donations/ Facebook: https://facebook.com/spasidonbass
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A little refugee from Slavyansk is crying about her friend left in war
To switch on English subs click an icon in the left down corner, that next to "clock" A lot of people in Donetsk and Luhansk regions (Donbass, South East of Ukraine) have to leave their homes and flee to save their children's lives from bombardment. Original video taken from https://www.youtube.com/user/LastTodayNews Situation in Slavyansk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQPvdVJCQTA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D79t7_ftObQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isiMfazmeek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV7rZCsjAGI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJI52bL-DnY Refugees: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-KHWqrl3uM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDSfycTv4S4
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A Ukrainian patriot is indignant about a rally in Odessa (Eng. Subs)
taken from here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6d6vLjdcg04 A Ukrainian patriot comments on the rally demanding unbiased investigation of the Odessa Tragedy of 2.05.2014, when people who gethered in Kulikovo Pole (Kulikovo Field) in Odessa protesting against the Maidan coup in Kiev were trapped in the Tradeunion House and about 50 of them were burnt alive by Ukrainian neo-nazis. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjrYV8p_jRY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6_QbttvrKQ The nowadays protests in Odessa are provocated by very rekuctant and biased investigation of the tragedy carried out by government. Most of people who had managed to survive in the massacre were later blamed for it and imprisoned, while real participants and organizers feel apsolutely unpunished.
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Ukrainian soldiers surrender in Debaltsevo / Soldados Ucranianos se alquilan en cautiverio
English subs Subtítulos españoles The original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dV4WYWpuNWw
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A woman in Donetsk killed by Ukrainian artillery
Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zowck10sM5o The woman, 88, was killed in her home by a Ukrainian shell
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Civilian people of Slavjansk,  the 2nd may 2014
(To switch on English subs, click a small icon in the right down corner, next to the "clock") Taken from here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujVpcTHnXWw Slavjansk, the 2nd of may. Civilian people gathered in the main square -- Well, you may tell what you want, I'll simply post it on Youtube. Anything you want. -- We are asking to stop these crimes against the humanity, against our South East. We're fed up with trembling in fear, our children, our elderly people being afraid of going out of our homes! Isn't it awful! The elderly people, who had won the world war, are being brought to... they are about taking their crutches and going to fight, to protect their children! It's unbelievable! It's nothing but a real crime! And all the world is watching and nobody can help us! -- May I say? Yes, you ought to. -- Turchinov, Timoshenko, all that coven, they must get out to their America, they're working for American money! We'll never give them our Donbass, we'll struggle for our Slavjansk, for our people! They must get out, or we'll go up to Kiev, we'll tear them into pieces! -- It's hard to fight with women! -- Never mistreat the women of Donbass! Do you understand? These women every day let their husbands go under the ground into mines, where they can die every day! Our men face the risks of death every day. And they want to threaten us? They'll fail! They'd better leave us alone! - They must go to their America! -- Is it all? -- Yes, it's all so far. OK, I'll post it then.
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Captive "Сyborgs" (Ukrainian soldiers) from Donetsk airport met by people of Donetsk
With subs. Ukrainian officials portray their army in Donbass as liberational, delivering the South-East of the country either from separatists, or some terrorists (the military operation in Donbass is officially called "Anty-terrorist"), or even from Russian invadors. In this video we can see a part of famous Ukrainian military division "cyborgs", who had been occupying the airport of Donetsk, and recently have been captured by Donetsk People's Republic self-defence army, which has reoccupied the airport. The captive "cyborgs" were brought to see the results of Ukrainian artillery shooting at the city. People could speak out what they thought.
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Poroshenko tells the truth about the  truce / Poroshenko dice la verdad sobre la tregua
English subs Subtítulos españoles Poroshenko, who calls himself "the president of peace", is known to tell different lies in different languages (in Ukrainian, in Russian, in English) almost simultaniously, depending on what his listenners whant to hear. But this time in Ukrainian this "dove of peace" seems to be telling a bit of truth. Poroschenko versucht zu entschuldigen, selbst auf den rechten Flügel Krieg Partei in Kiew unterzeichnet haben Minsk Vereinbarung: -- Da wir es geschafft haben, einige Zeit der Waffenruhe, wir müssen die Zeit nutzen, während es nicht aktive militärische Aktionen komplett zu erneuern, die Kampfbereitschaft unserer militärischen Einheiten und Abteilungen. Denn durch den 5. September, -- kann jetzt schon sagen-wir hatten nur 20% der Munition Links. Heute haben wir 100%. Wir haben genug, um uns zu schützen. Und es ist ein falscher Mythos, dass die ukrainischen Streitkräfte haben nicht genug Kampfkraft, oder noch nicht in Auftrag gegeben, um zu Schießen, Sie haben die Kapazität, und Sie sind effizient zerstören (Separatisten) militante. Aber nun haben Sie bereits ein counterartillery und countermortar Systeme, Scharfschützengewehre, Nachtsichtgeräte, und Sie sind gut ausgebildet, so dass die Effizienz der ukrainischen Armee Aktionen ist zehn mal höher. Das ist, wie wir mit dieser so genannten Waffenstillstand!
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Results of bombarding of Semyonovka (a suburb of Slavyansk, Donetsk region)
(To switch on English subs, click a small icon in the right down corner, next to the "clock") "Almost no civilians have remained in Semenovka village. First time Semenovka was attacked on the 5th of May. Then militia was forced to retreat, to win back the strategic positions a week later. Ukrainians answered with massive artillery strikes and air raids. The militia fighters hid themselves in the ground, digging the trenches all over the area. Local residents were forced to flee -- volleys of Ukrainian law enforcers could hardly be called pinpoint accurate. And one family after another, they lost their houses as a result of direct bombarding with powerful artillery shells. The traces of chaotic bombardment are there at every step. A small hole from getting 80-mm mines. Its fragments scattered around, piercing through garage doors, stitching them through. A bigger hole is made with 120-mm shell. Its fragments are larger and destruction is more serious - brick fence is completely ruinned. Huge crater with a diameter of five meters - this is the result of an air bomb explosion. And all this - in the populated sector. In one of the streets every second house has been destroyed. Some are destroyed by tanks, shooting straight to the wall, others are ruined by air or mortar attack . - They are beating us from the crossroads of Krasniy Liman " Victor, a citizen of Semenovka says. - Look here, it flew into the yard. A mine. How could we possibly manage to do it ourselves, as Ukrainian media say. No glass in the windows, the roof is broken... We did it ourselves, yeah... We turn to a narrow street leading to a field next to which there is a Ukrainian position. And we arrive at an absolutely surreal, by local standards, picture: two goats, walking in the street, a young woman and two small children. Vika Kabachenko with a small Antoshka and Lyuba have gone outdoors to breathe fresh air, which, however, smells like admixture of gunpowder smoke and burnt iron. - Yes, we have no fear any more, " -- Vika sais. -- We've got some place we can go, but we do not want to leave our homes. When being bombed, we just lie down on the floor. And as for other things -- there's no water, no light. Vika has got another reason why she is afraid to leave. Her third child - 4-year-old daughter -- has congenital microcephaly, and the woman does not want to burden the nervous system of the girl. She believes that moving into the unknown may be detrimental to her ill-ness. We go to the next street. Without a movie-like whistling, behind a nearby hut is a pro-jectile explodes, and we fall with our faces down, just into scattered on the pavement mulber-ries. Out of a colander-like gates, which used to be strong and ornate, a bushy bearded militiaman appears, calling us: - Guys! Who are you? - The Russian journalists. - So, quickly follow me into the basement, now a tank's here doing to start an attack. Can you hear the engine running? We're jumping into a good cellar. The next shell lands a little closer, the ground is moving up and down. One of the militiamen is commenting: - He's tuned well, he's shooting exactly at our place, probably, has noticed the group.Somewhere here his spotter is sneaking. It's he who's tracked your group down. They do not like the Muscovites. The Ukrainian mortarmen have also recently got a professional of this kind. Mercenaries have appeared from somewhere. In the Great Patriotic War Slavyansk was keeping the defense for almost 4 months. And so it's doing again. And a militiaman Igor cleaning his semi-automatic rifle Tokarev seems to come out of our history. He says that he was born here in Semenovka, and is fighting here from the first day of the war. - I'm fighting for my house in the Ordenonostsev street where now nothing's remained but walls. The house that survived the second World war, and these bastards bombed it off. With my paralyzed granny in it. They shot at my mother and sister. There are people from all Ukrainian in this bunker on the outskirts of Semenovka village -- from Donetsk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Poltava. Finally, the tank runs out of ammunition. Like careful wolves, like cunning beavers we get out of the position and skip to a crossroads with big letters made of stainless steel "SLOVIANSK" which have withstand much. Ten minutes later at this crossroads a bus with humanitarian aid will get under the tank fire. Volunteers will run away to the nearby forest and the wounded machine with diapers, water and medicines will remain at the crossroads of Semenovka, as a symbol of the failed ceasefire. Taken from here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HWmUrA1QV0&list=UUSK57JMV0OJL1C7V-YOEVkQ
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Tyrany of Ukrainian military men in Slavyansk
Uktainian military men (probably they are natianal guard, or Right Sector) captured a man in the street voluntarily because he had made some comment about them. Slavyansk was the first city in the west of Ukraine to resist Ukrainian army, sent to disperce anty-maidan movement. During several months it was heavily shelled by Ukrainian government-controlled artillery and seriously destroyed. Many civilian people, including children, were killed, much more had to flee. In summer of 2014 the city was taken under control by Ukrainian government, as DPR militia left it.
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Ukrainian army is bombing Semenovka village near Slavyansk with white phosphor 12.06.2014
Taken from here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HWmUrA1QV0&list=UUSK57JMV0OJL1C7V-YOEVkQ Applience of wite phosphorus is forbidden in populated areas http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_phosphorus
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Debaltseve: 7 months in Ukrainian hell
With Eng. subs. Local people who survived in Debaltsevo (Debaltseve) share their impressions about the 7 month when Ukrainian army was staying in the city. Original video taken from here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofZv6OQq7-0
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Civilian people of Slavyansk curse Poroshenko and the Ukrainian governmentrnment 09 06 14
To switch on English subs click an icon in the left down corner, that next to "clock" Please, share these videos as wide as possible, because for these people worldwide awareness of their situation is the only chance for peaceful life, without repressions. The government MUST agree to NEGOTIATIONS with the opposition, not to speaklanguage of ultimatums, because otherwise all of these people, and their husbands, sons and brothers, will keep on being claimed SEPARATISTS and TERRORISTS, repressed and ill-treated, if not killed. These people often speak all together at the same time, so it wasn't easy tu make subs, but their message is clear without any translation. They tell WHO is guilty in the war which has deprived them of all. They call "militiamen" those who Ukrainian and American news call "separatists" or "rebels", because these people are the only ones protecting them and trying to rescue them. They are simple civilian citizens of Slavyansk, a city in Donetsk region which has been bombed with heavy artillery and planes by Ukrainian army.
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The results of a night shelling of the city center of Gorlovka by Ukrainian artillery  1.08.2015
Eng. Subs. The sourсe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oN-mu8viLbg
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Slavyansk, blocked  by Ukrainian army 12.06.14, militia is providing water to civillians.
Taken from here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqP5UOFXN4o&feature=youtu.be In the South East of Ukrain, Ukrainian army has blocked Slovyansk without letting civilians out of the city (despite new president Poroshenko's pronounsment that a humanitarian corridor must be arranged) The city is bombed with heavy artillery every day. There is no electricity and watter in the city, because watter supply and electricity has been broken with explosions. Nor are they provided with enough food and medicines. In this situation the people's militia (called "pro-russian separatists or rebels in Western media) is the only authority to supply people with food, drinking water or medical aid. Being mostly lokal, they also arrange the way for women and children to leave Slavyansk as refugees.
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Huge Ukrainian missile explosion in the center of Donetsk 2.02.2017 from Avdiivka
Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVhsTW-CLMA Heavy artillery near he frontline is prohibited by Minsk agreements. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BM-27_Uragan
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Ukrainian army again shells a living district  03 02 16
Taken from here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9c8hI1ABkUc
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Former Ukrainian military minister offered to raze Slavyansk. 10 06 2014
To switch on the subs click a button on the right down corner. The former military minister of Ukraine promised to raze Slavyansk with all possible kinds of artillery and aircraft to thrust the yellow and blue flag in the place of the city. So he has done. The documentary video is filmed a month ago before thrusting the flag in the ash of Slavyansk.
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Poroshenko, what was this child's fault?
Video with English subs. Gorlovka 20. 12. 14.
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A refugee from Donbass is interviewed by Kiev reporters at the station
(To switch on English subs, click a small icon in the right down corner, next to the "clock") Taken from here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyyhfTx5KOI Two Kiev journalists are trying to interview refugees from Donbass at the station, but they don't like what they hear!
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People of Gorlovka made OSCE mission  visit their basement shelter.
Eng.Subs. The sourse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8cNtokGcfU Civilian people of Gorlovka and it's suburbs (DPR) have been living under every night shelling of Ukrainian artillery for a year. The OSCE mission came to see how people survive in a basement shelter.
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A block of flats distroyed with artillery in Gorlovka near Donetsk 15.11.2014 by Ukranian army
15.11.14. Yesterday in Gorlovka, near Donetsk, an artillery projectile killed a family of four people. A projectile from an artillery volley fire system, supposingly "Grad" is reported to hit a multy-storried block of flats in Bessonova street, 23, Gorlovka, near Donetsk. The victims of the attack, a 5 yeared girl, a boy aged 8 and their parents were having dinner in the kitchen, where the projectile exploded. All of them were killed. Other several residents of the building are reported to be heavilly injured and taken to hospital. All the other people from the attacked house spent all night in a bomb shelter, while the firefighters were trying to put off the fire. People saw the projectile to have come from the side of Artjomovsk, where Ukrainian army is staying. According to UN statistics, more then 4 000 people have already been kild in the militarry conflict in the South-East of Ukraine since people in this area refused to accept the new Ukrainian government that had come to power as a result of Maidan revolution in Kiev in February of 2014.
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Yuri Barbashov. The Congress of people's representatives of the South-East of Ukraine in Donetsk
(To switch on English subs, click a small icon in the right down corner, next to the "clock") A politician from Nickolajev, a sity in the South of Ukrain, is sharing his point of view on the Ukranian crisis and its reasons. Hello, I'm Yuri Barbashov, a representative member of Nickolajevsk opposition. The reason of our meeting is the crisis of Ukrainian statehood. Of course, it's evident now that the crisis is very deep, when it's developing in the form of Civilian war. And to stop the war and bloodshed we must define and declare very distinctly the reason of the Ukrainian statehood crisis. And its reason since the first moment of Ukraine existence as a state has been the total violation of the Russian people rights, up to refusal to recognize the fact of large part of Rus-sian people residence in the Ukraine territory. The Russian nation which had appeared in the territory now called Ukraine since the first moment of Ukraine statehood has been deprived of its name, its right for mother tongue, the right for political participating in the state development. The existence of the Ukraine as a state since its appearance has been based on conceptual denying the rights of the Russian people. It's for this purpose the notion of the Ukrainian titular nation has appeared; it's for this purpose the Ukrainian neo-Nazism has been raised and fed on this land by the USA and the EU; it's for this purpose the Ukrainian Nazism has been armed, brought to the government and let to be achieving their main goal: the complete ethnocide of the Russians, of those who call themselves Russian, who speak Russian, caring out the same scenery that was used in Serbian nation Motherland Kosovo. The people who are now fighting with arms to defend Donetsk and Luhansk regions are defending all the Russian people living in Ukraine, in most part of it living like under conditions of Nazi occupation. So the crisis of the Ukrainian statehood can be overcome only in the form of complete acceptance -- returning -- of the Russian people's rights, such as the right for their native language, the right for political participating in the state development, and opportunity for the Russian people to come back to their inherent role on this land -- the role of a state-forming nation. If the Ukrainian politicians, the Ukrainian national idea supporters, desire to come back to a peaceful dialogue, if the Ukrainian politicians tell they don't want war in this land, they must remember first of all that it's also the Russian land. Here is Kiev, "the Mother of the Russian cities", and historic native Russian lands: ancient Kiev Russ, Galician Russ, here's a Rus-sian native land Volyn; here's historic Ruthenia and Novorossia; Here's the territory of the Great Don Army. It's historic reality, so the Russian people have all rights to live in their na-tive land, to express their political willpower, the right to take part in the state development. Today this state development is realized in the form of Novorossia state, but it's not the ultimate objective of our movement. We mustn't forget about the existence and the rights of the Russian People in Kiev, in Chernigov, even in Lvov, at last! There also great many Russian people reside, who are not going to give up their rights! And our objective is also to prevent genocide of the Russians in the Western Ukraine, in Eastern Poland, to tell frankly. And those who don't want a complete civil war, must recall haw the Russian people appeared in this land, in what way they historically defended their rights to remain in this land, and those Ukrainian politicians who do not want to face the rage of the Russian people attacked in their native land must understand, that it's the Russian people, the Russian population of this land who they must have negotiations with and come to agreement with. No other party but the Russian people, living in their land, whose representatives (the repre-sentatives of a small part of them) we are. Thank you.
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3.08.2015 Gorlovka. "God, people, anybody, please, hear us!"
Eng. Subs. The sourse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sW6mBGVCT1M A DPR official is visiting a living district of Gorlovka again shelled by Ukrainian artillery at night time.
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OSCE Chief Visits Refugee Camp in Rostov Region Russia  12 June 2014
Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe chief Lamberto Zannier met with emotional refugees from eastern Ukraine at a camp in Rostov-na-Donu in Russia. Evacuees from Slovyansk shouted at Zannier during the meeting, demanding answers on the Ukrainian government's use of force in their city, especially after he said that "President Poroshenko wants peace".
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Ukrainian artillery again shelled Gorlovka at night time 30.07.2015.
Eng. subs.The sourse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPK41m2LhVA 6 people were wounded and 2 killed that night in Gorlovka, Donetsk People's Republic. Nikitovsky district was shelled by Ukrainian artillery. The shelling resulted in destroying of a living house (in Gagarina street), where 2 boys, 7 and 14 years old, were woundid with shrapnell. http://www.osce.org/ukraine-smm/175591
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A man from Donetsk in his ruined flat: "People in Kiev know they are killing us".
Every day tens of people are killed in Donetsk, Luhansk, Gorlovka, Makeevka, Uglegorsk and other cities, towns and villages of Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, being shelled by Ukrainian artillery.
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Children in war. The strongest film ever.
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Debaltseve people: Ukrainian army bombed houses to blame Russia-backed separatists
English subs. Original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvlmf6eY5Lg
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A woman from Mariupol applies to Poroshenko
with subs.
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Shelling of Gorlovka by Ukrainian artillery 28.07.2015  An elderly woman killed in her bedroom.
Eng. subs. The source http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqyewl_HsZA
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(Eng. subs) A woman from Gorlovka  begs DPR forces not to go away as they are withdrawing weapons
A lokal woman in Gorlovka, seeing the DPR forces withdraw their weapons, burst into tears, because she thought they are going to retкуфе and to leave the city, and she is afraid of Ukrainian army, who she thinks will now be stopped by nothing and go on shelling the city heavilly. DPR army decided to withdraw not only heavy weapons which they had to do according Minsk agreements, but also tanks and grenade launchers to show their peaceful intentions and to exclude any possibility for Kiev to blame them for shelling civilians and violating the agreements. OSCE has to be there to witness the withdrawal and to report. The Ukrainian government was send a note suggesting to do the same - to withdraw their weapons away from the front line. So far there was no reply exept shelling of Donetsk 19. 07. 2015. Thus, DPR army is going to withdraw the weapons 3 km. back along almost all the front line exept 3 places where an attack of Ukrainian government-controlled army or voluntary troops seems possible. Though moving their weapons back, the DPR army promises to return them to the front line again in case of any attacks or provocations.
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5.11.2017 Children in Donetsk are being killed again by Ukrainian projectiles
On the 5th of November, 2017Three children in Donetsk found a shell on their school playgroundand came to explore it. Suddenly it went off. One boy was killed, two others were wounded and taken to hospital. A second chiled also died in hospital after the video was published http://www.stalkerzone.org/two-children-die-hospital-touching-unexploded-uaf-shell-donetsk/ This horifyind accident is just one of many others http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-29912055 Inspite of the declared ceasefire, Ukrainian government-controlled army keeps on shelling living districts of Donetsk, Gorlovka and nearest villages of DPR
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Gorlovka 12.06.2015 Poroshenko is bombing children like these from mortars
Eng. Subs. The sourse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbXL6eZQMWE Settlement Kochegarka and the district of the wholesale market were shelled at 23 o'clock by Ukrainian mortars. Several houses were destroyed. A family with little children was narrowly escaped death and untill 5 o'clock in the morning they had to hide in a gully near their house. The youngest girl's face was slightly injured.
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A witness of Mariupol bombardment. Ukrainian TV showd it without sound to blame "separatists"
«The Civilized World Community», as usually, has hurried to make conclusions, traditionally blaming Donetsk self-defence forces ("pro-russian separatists") in the horrible tragedy. THE UNCOMFORTABLE MOURNING Saturday. Mourning. People come to the tram-stop "Bosse" in Donetsk, where on 22.01.15 15 civilians had been killed by an artillery shrapnel, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngdx68kLfoE They carry flowers, candles and self-made slogans «I'm Bosse», «I'm Donetsk». The shrapnell came from North-west direction, as OSCE commision has stated. From Peski, where Ukrainian artillery is located. Kiev, which used to blame in the tragedy "pro-russian terrorists" after the OSCE report got upset. And they didn't declare mourning for these 15 killed civilians: too uncomfortable tragedy. Actually, in Donetsk and Gorlovka, Ukrainian artillery kills tens of civilians every day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEqaQmx9x6k http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1OCcJ7qeZQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAB35LnumZc but for Ukraine and "civilized world community" these victims are not interesting for some reason. The leader of DPR, Zakharchenko, said on the mourning ceremony: "They are killing us just because we want to be free! I don't agree that we must forgive the murderers. Today we are starting the attack at Mariupol, and it will be the best memory for these victims". This very minute reactive artillery crashed living districts in the East part of Mariupol, destroying flats, markets, school yards and kindergattens, killing peaceful civillian citizens of Mariupol just in the streets. Kiev immediately found the guilty in the death of 30 people. «Terrorists» had confessed they were going to attack Mariupol! Immediately, evidences were found whith the help of mobile phone camera and iphone compass. Poroshenko declares mourning on Sunday, his assistants printed "I'm Mariupol" slogans...One more bloody crime of "pro-russian separatists" is detected! Now Poroshenko may require NATO help, and more money for food and gas. And the DPR attack has been stopped. But let us remember another Mariupol tragedy - 9.05.14 when Ukrainian tanks were killing peacefull demonstrants on the Victory day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BrJOmY_0Tw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BrJOmY_0Tw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8c7bV-3v0A No OSCE, no diplomatic histerics was there! (based on the article of D. Steshin and A. Kots http://www.russiapost.su/archives/41065 )
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Children from Slavjansk have arrived to Crimea
(To switch on English subs, click a small icon in the right down corner, next to the "clock") Taken from here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqDwR6YTrHI Several busses with children aged from 7 to 14 left Slavyansk, where Ukrainian army is caring out so called "counter terrorist operation", and arrived to Crimean resorts. Please, share these videos as wide as possible, because for these children and their families in Donbass the worldwide awareness of their situation is the only chance for peaceful life, without repressions. The government MUST stop fire and agree to NEGOTIATIONS with the opposition, without speaking the language of ultimatums, because otherwise tese children's parents and elder brothers will keep on being claimed SEPARATISTS and TERRORISTS, repressed and ill-treated, if not killed.
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True tragedy of Slaviansk filmed by a local man.
To switch on English subs click an icon in the left down corner, that next to "clock" Please, share these videos as wide as possible, because for these people worldwide awareness of their situation is the only chance for peaceful life, without repressions. The government MUST agree to NEGOTIATIONS with the opposition, not to speaklanguage of ultimatums, because otherwise all of these people, and their husbands, sons and brothers, will keep on being claimed SEPARATISTS and TERRORISTS, repressed and ill-treated, if not killed. One day In Slavyansk, a city in Donbass, South-East of Ukrain. 3 days after the new president Poroshenko was elected. A local man is walking around the city and filming the results of artillery bombardment. People are asking for help. Taken from here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VL9OtUzHe4
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