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Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants His Pizza - Prank Call
Arnold Schwarzenegger is in Miami, Florida trying to get a Canadian Pizza Hut to deliver to Conan Street.
Просмотров: 802255 AntiVenom9808
Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls a Jealous Husband - Prank Call
Arnold Schwarzenegger calls a furius man who makes several angry threats, but loses it when he thinks that Arnold's after his wife.
Просмотров: 532581 AntiVenom9808
The Chinaman Calls Pizza Hut - Prank Call
The Chinaman annoys an employee when he asks her to spell the company name over and over.
Просмотров: 219389 AntiVenom9808
Hank Hill Calls Blockbuster - Prank Call
Hank calls Blockbuster to complain about being charged an incorrect late fee. The staff insults him, and calls him a liar.
Просмотров: 289267 AntiVenom9808
Angry Video Game Nerd Calls Gamestop - Prank Call
The Angry Video Game Nerd calls GameStop to complain about a game he purchased that he did not like.
Просмотров: 97708 AntiVenom9808
Vegeta and Joe Pesci Call Angry Italian Barbers - Prank Call
Vegeta and Joe Pesci call and anger already angry Italian Barbers.
Просмотров: 124127 AntiVenom9808
Vegeta Calls an Old Religious Woman - Prank Call
Vegeta, in search of Dragon Balls, dials an old woman who is very religious and starts talking about Jesus within seconds.
Просмотров: 951797 AntiVenom9808
Chinaman Calls Wisconsin - Prank Call
The Chinaman dials a family that Arnold Schwarzenegger previously called to get them to spell their names, and gets treated with complete disrespect.
Просмотров: 35116 AntiVenom9808
Captain Ginyu Calls a Rude Indian - Prank Call
Ginyu calls an Indian who, like many other Indian prank call victims of the past, begins talking in a rude and perverted manner.
Просмотров: 81813 AntiVenom9808
Hank Hill Calls Blockbuster Again - Prank Call
Hank Hill calls Blockbuster again to make another attempt at fixing his fees.
Просмотров: 59346 AntiVenom9808
Angry Video Game Nerd Calls Blockbuster - Prank Call
The Angry Video Game Nerd wants to buy Ghostbusters and Rambo on DVD, so he calls up Blockbuster, and the employees get rude and hang up on him several times.
Просмотров: 51461 AntiVenom9808
Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls Quest Chat - Prank Call
Arnold Schwarzenegger calls Quest Chat to set up an account to talk to the ladies, but loses interest and infuriates customer service.
Просмотров: 55494 AntiVenom9808
Charlie Sheen Calls a Strip Club - Prank Call
Charlie Sheen calls a Strip Club and gets in a fast argument with one of the strippers, who insults his mother and asks to meet him so they can fight.
Просмотров: 79655 AntiVenom9808
Bobby and Hank Hill Call Boston Pizza - Prank Call
Bobby and his father Hank attempt to order a chicken pizza, but the staff are less than enthusiastic over their request.
Просмотров: 23587 AntiVenom9808
Bobby and Hank Hill Call Women's Optimism Place - Prank Call
After having been beaten up by Chang Wassanasong, Bobby Hill tries to call counseling for help. All of the lines are busy so he calls Women's Optimism Place instead.
Просмотров: 62578 AntiVenom9808
Arnold Schwarzenegger calls a Plumbing Company - Prank Call
Arnold Schwarzenegger calls a Plumbing Company, and after taking a few minutes to figure out his zip code, he gets upset when he learns that they do not service his area.
Просмотров: 86896 AntiVenom9808
Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls Wisconsin - Prank Call
Arnold calls a family in Wisconsin to talk to them about Thomas Aquinas, and they refuse to show him any respect.
Просмотров: 26598 AntiVenom9808
Bigfoot Calls His Local Bank - Prank Call
Bigfoot calls his local bank, and carnage ensues when the staff recognize his voice.
Просмотров: 24475 AntiVenom9808
Vegeta and Arnold Call a Church - Prank Call
Vegeta calls a church demanding that they hand over his Dragon Ball. After being given a hard time, Arnold Schwarzenegger gets on the line to inform them that he is the officer handling Vegeta's case.
Просмотров: 105189 AntiVenom9808
Chinaman, Arnold and Al Pacino Call House of Buddha - Prank Call
The Chinaman teams up with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Al Pacino to call a very incompetent Chinese Restaurant. Afterwards, the Chinaman recruits the help of Vietman to finish them off.
Просмотров: 31115 AntiVenom9808
Bigfoot Calls a Mental Hospital - Prank Call
Bigfoot calls a mental hospital to deal with his four trespassing orders.
Просмотров: 54346 AntiVenom9808
Chinaman Disgusts a Woman - Prank Call
The Chinaman calls a Restaurant who does not understand him and keeps hanging up. So he dials them back with Officer Martin on the line to take care of the situation.
Просмотров: 32283 AntiVenom9808
Angry Video Game Nerd Calls a Restaurant - Prank Call
The Angry Video Game Nerd, in search of the Terminator, makes an obnoxious call to a restaurant.
Просмотров: 15099 AntiVenom9808
Chinaman Calls Burger King - Prank Call
The Chinaman aggravates Burger King over and over with repeated threats to call the police.
Просмотров: 18573 AntiVenom9808
Black Guy Calls Angelina's Pizza - Prank Call
The Black Guy calls threaten a Pizza Place and winds up getting insulted by them.
Просмотров: 22040 AntiVenom9808
Hitler and Chinaman Call an Angry Woman - Prank Call
Hitler calls a woman who gets angry very quickly, so he puts the Chinaman on as his translater.
Просмотров: 84930 AntiVenom9808
Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls a Hong Kong Restaurant - Prank Call
Arnold Schwarzenegger calls a Hong Kong Restaurant in search of a drug dealer. He gets insulted by an employee and accused of being on medication.
Просмотров: 76578 AntiVenom9808
Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls Online Scammers - Prank Call
Arnold Schwarzenegger calls Indian tech scammers and tricks them into thinking he wants his PC fixed while he secretely investigates them.
Просмотров: 100453 AntiVenom9808
Broly Calls Wisconsin - Prank Call
Broly calls to annoy some people in Wisconsin.
Просмотров: 79400 AntiVenom9808
Sean Connery and Arnold Call an Escort Service - Prank Call
Sean Connery calls an Escort Service to inform them that one of their escorts has died. Arnold Schwarzenegger gets on the phone and tells them he is a cop, and that they are in trouble for the death of the escort.
Просмотров: 13507 AntiVenom9808
Sean Connery Calls an Angry Secretary - Prank Call
Sean Connery aggravates a receptionist for a Bankruptcy Attorney when he calls over and over again about chemicals, her sending him a car, and other topics.
Просмотров: 21541 AntiVenom9808
Kahn Calls a Lawyer - Prank Call
Kahn Souphanousinphone attempts to obtain the services of a lawyer to deal with his stolen ID. Unfortunately for Kahn, all he manages to do is annoy and anger the lawyer.
Просмотров: 27925 AntiVenom9808
Chinaman gets Challenged to a Fight - Prank Call
The Chinaman calls a restaurant and gets into a quick argument with a racist employee who challenges him to a fight.
Просмотров: 22272 AntiVenom9808
Chinaman Calls Taco Bell - Prank Call
The Chinaman aggravates an employee at Taco Bell.
Просмотров: 8949 AntiVenom9808
Hank Hill Calls Online Scammers - Prank Call
Hank Hill calls an online PC scam company and refuses to cooperate with their process. He instead complains about the company and upsets the representative.
Просмотров: 84175 AntiVenom9808
Angry Video Game Nerd Calls Nintendo Power - Prank Call
The Angry Video Game Nerd calls Nintendo power to enquire about his "Nintendo tapes."
Просмотров: 38697 AntiVenom9808
Cookie Monster Calls a Bakery - Prank Call
Cookie Monster calls a Bakery looking for cookies, as expected they have a hard time understanding him.
Просмотров: 52136 AntiVenom9808
Chinaman Calls Car Rentals - Prank Call
The Chinaman makes several failed attempts at renting a car.
Просмотров: 9995 AntiVenom9808
Sean Connery Calls Blockbuster - Prank Call
Sean Connery calls Blockbuster to rent some James Bond movies, and gets upset when he finds out they dont have any at that location.
Просмотров: 16483 AntiVenom9808
Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls the Dragon Restaurant - Prank Call
Arnold Schwarzenegger calls a restaurant known as the Dragon over and over again in search of Sarah Connor, and infuriates the management.
Просмотров: 56457 AntiVenom9808
Bigfoot Calls a Baptist Church - Prank Call
Bigfoot calls a church for help with his lost dog. The staff tell him to get a job, and question his maturity.
Просмотров: 14362 AntiVenom9808
Angry Video Game Nerd Calls Burger King - Prank Call
The Nerd calls Burger King to vent his frustration over his shitty games.
Просмотров: 15876 AntiVenom9808
Joe Pesci Calls Pizza Hut - Prank Call
Joe Pesci calls Pizza Hut to get his money back, but instead gets into an argument with the employees.
Просмотров: 42365 AntiVenom9808
Bigfoot Calls Women's Customer Service - Prank Call
Bigfoot, from The Howard Stern Show, is lonely so he calls a women's customer service line.
Просмотров: 27828 AntiVenom9808
Frieza Calls the Old Religious Woman's Husband - Prank Call
After Vegeta and Nappa's failed attempt at collecting the Dragon Balls, Frieza dials the Old Religious Woman's household back and speaks to her husband.
Просмотров: 176818 AntiVenom9808
Joe Pesci and Al Pacino Call McDonalds - Prank Call
Joe Pesci and Al Pacino join forces to terrorize some incompetent employees at McDonalds.
Просмотров: 184904 AntiVenom9808
Sean Connery Calls Burger King - Prank Call
Sean Connery calls Burger King in search of information, but the employees refuse to help him with his investigation and threaten to call the police.
Просмотров: 16201 AntiVenom9808
Kahn and Arnold Call a Chinese Lady - Prank Call
Kahn calls a Chinese Lady to accuse her of stealing his ID. Arnold Schwarzenegger gets on the phone claiming to be the police officer handling this matter.
Просмотров: 18523 AntiVenom9808
Angry Video Game Nerd Calls a Crisis Center - Prank Call
The Angry Video Game Nerd calls a crisis center to complain about various STDs.
Просмотров: 8917 AntiVenom9808
Black Guy Calls an Old Indian Man - Prank Call
The Black Guy calls an Indian restaurant and exchanges heated words with an employee.
Просмотров: 4329 AntiVenom9808