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Classic Prank Call: Rap-Obsessed Man orders Thai food
Another classic prank phone call that I somehow came across during the Napster era. The prankster (Someone from Laugh Syndicate) drops a whole bunch of old-school rap references, and the Thai restaurant worker is mostly oblivious to that fact. A very crafty call! Thanks to nedlogan, I have learned that this prank (originally titled "Thai Restaurant") is from the Laugh Syndicate album Phone Jackin'.
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Bill Maher Demystifies Socialism & Compares the American Model with the European Model
America gets stuck with bank bailouts and imperialist wars; Western Europe gets public transportation, low school tuition, and universal healthcare. I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO. COPYRIGHT © HBO
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Classic Prank Call: Duncan calls Mark The Wanker
Duncan calls Mark the Wanker, as requested by Ishbu101. Thanks to xxxideopersonxx / pranksandthat / itsonlyaprank for the cawls.
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Classic Prank Call: Ching Chow Calls Some Rednecks
Anothercountyheard requested them, so here they are: Ching Chow's prank calls to some rednecks from Garden Grove, California!
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Classic Prank Call: Vacuum Cleaner Dispute (ft. Charles Freeman)
This is what happens when you accuse a straight-up, no-nonsense guy of agreeing to buy something he had no intention of purchasing. I'd like to dedicate this custom-made video to all my friends on Youtube. In particular, I'd like to give a shout out to ChrisSantos21, whose recent return ensured yet another classic prank call!
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Classic Prank Call: Belfour Blows, Pt. 1
Here's a classic series of calls by Drew & Mike of WRIF Radio. The guys call up various donut shops, asking the staff to page the name "BELFOUR BLOWS" as though a Mr. Ed Belfour Blows was actually dining there. Hilarity ensues! My thanks goes out to Yuppie Slayer for recording and sharing this audio.
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Classic Prank Call: Douglas Quaid 618's Craigslist Giveaway
I give full credit for the calls to Douglas Quaid 618. Thanks for the laughs, buddeh!
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Calls Dedicated to JohnyKimbled
The Bait Shop Guy wants a home in Texas
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A Prank Call Tribute to Michael Jackson (Ft. a Surprise Caller)
These calls are a silly way of paying tribute to Michael Jackson, one of the greatest artists of all time. Thanks for all the great music, videos, and innovative dancing, MJ! May you rest in peace (hopefully in a place where people don't turn on your work based on unsubstantiated allegations).
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Classic Arnold Calls by Douglas Quaid 618
Thanks to DouglasQuaid618 for the laughs. If one of these calls was incorrectly credited to DouglasQuaid618, please let me know. Although it is clear who the prankster is in some of the calls, the same cannot be said for all of them. The calls were backed up during a time when DouglasQuaid618 was the main prankster making Arnold calls, so I believe they are all his.
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Huge Compilation of Arnold Calls by Douglas Quaid 618
Here are some more pranks believed to have been made by Douglas Quaid 618. These Arnold calls were all archived around the time when DQ618 was an active prankster. SEECO1000 and Myles Bennett Dyson were two other pranksters who were known for making Arnold calls during this time, so I may be unintentionally attributing credit to DQ618 rather than to them. Before adding calls to this compilation, I searched the web by their titles to minimize the odds of giving credit to the wrong prankster. Here are the calls in this compilation, listed in order of sequence: 01 - Arnold Calls Motels in Hawaii and Tries to Book a Goddamn Room 02 - Arnold Calls Some More Best Westerns and The Police 03 - Arnold Has a Party for His 618 Subscribers 04 - Arnold Gets Drunk On MUG Root Beer, Calls Denny's (This call is actually by Myles Bennett Dyson, not Douglas Quaid 618) 05 - Arnold Has a Problem In Room 101 (This call is actually by Myles Bennett Dyson, not Douglas Quaid 618) 06 - Arnold Is Looking For His Twin Brother (This call is actually by Myles Bennett Dyson, not Douglas Quaid 618) 07 - Arnold Likes Calling Hotels, Okay? 08 - Arnold Wants a New Computer 09 - Arnold Conquers The Wingate Hotel In Cleveland, TN (This call is actually by Myles Bennett Dyson, not Douglas Quaid 618) 10 - Arnold Receives a Craigslist Call and Calls AA 11 - Arnold Wants a Glock 9MM and Other Guns (This call is actually by Myles Bennett Dyson, not Douglas Quaid 618) 12 - Arnold's Informant Ruins His Hotel Reservation (This call is actually by Myles Bennett Dyson, not Douglas Quaid 618) 13 - Arnold 'Hello's' Himself Right Out Of A Reservation (This call is actually by Myles Bennett Dyson, not Douglas Quaid 618)
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Yankee Tough Guy Calls a McDonald's Prison in Memphis
The Mad Cocksucking Cola Man from this McDonald's establishment in Memphis is the only person who wanted to talk on the phone today.
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Duncan Wants to Rent a Dozer
After rocking out all night (and partying for days on end), Duncan calls a rental company to gain temporary access to a dozer.
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Classic Prank Call: Douglas Quaid 618 Calls a Crazy Holiday Inn Employee
Thanks to Douglas Quaid 618 for the laughs.
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Classic Prank Call: Good Cop/Bad Cop
I recently listened to a classic prank call that has since disappeared from YewTube: Good Cop/Bad Cop ft. Deputy Duncan & Officer Martin. Whoever made this call did a great job!
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Ric Flair Calls a Patronizing Jerk
Here's the final entry in this series of prank call featuring soundboards I've never used before. The way I see it, the best was saved for last. Comments appreciated.
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Chinaman & Norman Bates team up
The Norman Bates soundboard doesn't work nearly as well as the others. People can barely hear him or complain about an echo overwhelming his speech.
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Classic Prank Call - The Satanic Lawyer Snaps
The follow-up call to The Satanic Lawyer.
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Classic Prank Calls: Strange but Real Names, Pt. 1
Drew & Mike call to verify some strange but real names on WRIF Radio. My thanks goes out to Yuppie Slayer for recording and sharing this prank.
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Classic Prank Call: Drew & Mike call a Live Sex Line
Drew & Mike of WRIF Radio call a live sex hotline.
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Junkyard Willie helps out Jim Bob (& more)
Junkyard Willie helps out Jim Bob (& more)
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Classic Prank Calls: Strange but Real Names, Pt. 2
Drew & Mike call to verify another strange but real name on WRIF Radio. My thanks goes out to Yuppie Slayer for recording and sharing this prank.
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SCG/WTG calls a Daycare
This is my first call featuring the Scared College Girl. I had White Thug Girl contribute to the prank since I need convincing responses to questions like "Who is this?" and "Who am I talking to?" The only half-convincing answer that SCG has to those kinds of questions is - wait for it - "Big Daddy's Pizza." I think I'll regularly pair White Thug Girl with Scared College Girl any time I have SCG make calls, much like I pair the Life Coach with the Jive Talker when I make JT calls.
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Mad Mopar Man gets Impatient + Bonus Calls
Mad Mopar Man gets impatient talking to a dickhead who just wants to jerk off with his phone instead of doing business, followed by 2 bonus calls. Unlike the first guy, the second one was really good-spirited and professional. The third one posted an ad on the web but doesn't even know what he's selling!
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All Access: Marilyn Manson
This is a segment of an All Access special focuses mainly on Mechanical Animals era Marilyn Manson. The rest of the show concerns other bands. This video does not belong to me, and no copyright infringement is intended.
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Duncan Needs a Dozer for Xmas
Frank Garrett needs a Dozer for Christmas, yew stupid motherfuckers
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Classic Prank Call: Chelios Blows
WRIF Radio's Drew & Mike get (Chris) Chelios Blows paged in another classic call. My thanks goes out to Yuppie Slayer for recording and sharing this audio.
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Jim Rome calls the Indian Scammers & a Clothier
1st call isn't great, so stay for the 2nd one.
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Pranking the Cock Soup Chef
srscbikes requested a call featuring The High Redneck, so this is the first one I've ever done.
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Jim Rome calls up some Apathetic Slackers
Jim Rome calls up some Apathetic Slackers
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Introducing TP Girl
Marketov 'The Latin Guy' discovers TP Girl while calling to make a business transaction.
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SWFIS Prank Calls
Spring Was Fertilized in SHIT Prank Calls featuring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Angry Black Gangsta, Jim Rome, and The Jackass Plumber.
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The Crazy Chinese Guy is fed up with bad service from restaurants
The Crazy Chinese Guy is fed up with bad service from restaurants
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Arnold Calls a Cigar Shop & More
Arnold Calls a Cigar Shop. He'll be back.
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Calls ft. Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, & Mr T.
Here is Mr. T's long-awaited return to prank calling.
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Unknown song from Napoleon Dynamite
This song plays during the main menu of the Napoleon Dynamite DVD, but I don't know what it's called. It sounds like one of John Swihart's songs, but unlike the rest of his compositions, it appears to be absent from the soundtrack. If you know the name of this tune, please tell me what it's called!
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Testing a Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset
I am testing a new Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset
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The Casino Man Calls some Casinos [RQST]
By request, here are some new Casino Man prank calls
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Missouri Dad Calls a Healer & Bonus Calls
The Missouri Dad calls a kind religious healer, followed by a few bonus calls. Thanks to The Golden Phone for discovering The Missouri Dad!
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Prank Calls ft. Dave Abbruzzese & Friends
Calls featuring Dave Abbruzzese and the Prank Calling All-Stars
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Classic Prank Call: Frank Garrett Is In Love
Dimitri Gratski's (excellent) prank call videos from 2015 went missing from YewTube as early as January of 2016. This is one of the videos that went missing. Credit for all original content (the video, the audio, etc.) goes to Dimitri Gratski.
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Frank Rizzo, Jim Rome, Butt-head & Chinaman
Frank Rizzo, Jim Rome, Butt-head & Chinaman have some fun
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Mark calls for Mr. Wankah
Mark the Wanker rings back a Collections Agent who can't comprehend English and thinks he's asking for Mr. Wankah.
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Crazy Chinese Guy WTCTP
Can someone translate the dialog exchanged between the Crazy Chinese Guy and the woman from the Chinese restaurant?
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Classic Prank Call: Brodeur Blows
WRIF Radio's Drew & Mike call up another donut shops demanding that its staff page "Brodeur Blows."
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Classic Prank Call: Poo on the Porch, Pt. 1
You are about to hear one of the funniest prank phone calls I've ever heard. Several calls were made in this series. I compiled them into video format; This is the first of two videos.
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Duncan Calls Josh the Juice Head
Duncan Calls a Gym and gets transferred to Josh the Pencil Neck Juice Head
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BSG Celebrates Summer's End & Fall's Beginning
Tech problems have really set back my ability to prank as well as I used to, so I haven't made many calls over the past several weeks. Srscbikes put me to the task of making new pranks, so I got the Bait Shop Guy to make some calls to celebrate the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn/Fall.
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Duncan Fest 2011
Duncan Fest 2011
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Young Redneck Finds a Bartender Hungover from St. Patty's
The Young Redneck rings a bartender who is still reeling from all the booze he drank the previous night (St. Patrick's Day 2014). The bartender sounds like a Yankee Tough Guy wannabe, although he had the guts to give out his address and even the zip/postal code to his house/establishment (Drunk commercial bartenders have a hard time making the distinction between their homes and pubs they work at). I took note of RedDaVincy's feedback re: TYR's St. Patty's Day Calls from 2011 and toned down the bagpipes for this year's intro.
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