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Sweet Nostalgia with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates

Оценок: 7326 | Просмотров: 364696
Bill and Warren meet up at Hollywood Candy in Omaha’s Old Market. We follow them around as they reminisce about their favorite treats, Bill and Melinda’s special connection to Willie Nelson, why pinball machines were the best business Warren ever had, and a lot more. Learn more at https://b-gat.es/2JJN8h9
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Текстовые комментарии (774)
전정순 (5 часов назад)
Louise Ferland MD (15 часов назад)
I enjoyed their video.
TheDark Knight (1 день назад)
rich bastards🤓🤓🤓🤓
PAVEL TERNOVSKII (1 день назад)
Jaseel p Raheem (2 дня назад)
They billioners , their Dreams will work out
Min H. OO (2 дня назад)
Congratulations!🎈🍾🎉🎊Asians are gonna join very soon.
max zeng (3 дня назад)
they are literally trapped in the past man get real
max zeng (3 дня назад)
these dude think they are puritans from the 1860's man, get real
ARandomGamerDude (3 дня назад)
Name a more iconic duo I'll wait
Nainain terior (3 дня назад)
Nice sir
Centaur Montano (3 дня назад)
Berkshire Hathaway Inc is like $290,000 a stock >_<
Angel Ortega (4 дня назад)
The real question is can they afford that candy?
acidceed (4 дня назад)
Sebastian Elytron (4 дня назад)
Hey look, they have personalities! Real people! More than just their bank accounts!
Maurice B. (5 дней назад)
I´d love to see more with Warren!
DexPlays (5 дней назад)
Only 2 good billionaires that are not dirty.
Quite Gamer (6 дней назад)
Don't Jewish you were one of these two
Qammar Taskeen (7 дней назад)
Bill Gates Sir !!! Sir I want to me you in my life just for one time !!! I don't know how much time I can servive more !!! So plz I Wana meet you !!! It is my last wish !!!
Miguel Barrera (7 дней назад)
Ya estan Ruffles
1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !! (7 дней назад)
The simplicity of the old school days. 👌👌👌
larsniklas (7 дней назад)
Damn Buffet looks good for being almost 90
EthIN (7 дней назад)
Hi Mr Gates give me office 365 key pls
stampy16 (8 дней назад)
Good god they really are fossils
Josef M. (8 дней назад)
The only question is: who paid the drinks?
Noo Bie (8 дней назад)
My Two Grandpa.
Rifath Al Nahiyan (8 дней назад)
I wish to take a coffee with gates...
Matthew Schwer (8 дней назад)
Candy crush lol
xBrOwNeDoG (9 дней назад)
Long live warren!
E.B.J 2 (10 дней назад)
It's like we could buy this sweet shop hahaha(rich laugh)hahaha
joshuaa miller (10 дней назад)
Little brown jug:-)
GAMER GAMER (10 дней назад)
GAMER GAMER (10 дней назад)
Tom_AC11 (11 дней назад)
Who pays?
lall los (11 дней назад)
These guys are old
littlecouchgames (12 дней назад)
I love the Figaros I'm still working on getting mine running well. It's such a cool car.
DG At Tent World (12 дней назад)
Do you know any companies that do franchise loans for 200000. Turn key business. Tint world corporation they come and build a full running site..in about 60 days then i go do a 30 day corporate training to run the business properly.. Business plan and financial plan in place.produce about a mill a year in sales.
DG At Tent World (12 дней назад)
Security Master protects your privacy..ty Don
Ashley Stardust (13 дней назад)
Love watching you two do your thang. I wanna hang out with you guys :)
Andrew Goering (13 дней назад)
So many super rich people are disgusting human beings who look down on people who aren’t successful or wealthy...... and they pride themselves so much in their wealth and success..... but these two aren’t that way at all! These two men, I couldn’t respect more.... They are so humble and down to earth..... They stand up for people in need and do so much to help those less fortunate than themselves....... They’re just ordinary people who accomplished great things! They are truly great men!
m4 mann (13 дней назад)
Better duo-Me and My grades we've been the same
Larry S (13 дней назад)
How does Warren Buffet still have his teeth? Geez lol
Talk 2U (13 дней назад)
3:25 Do you know how much it costs?!!! Wait :))
chun hau Ngai (13 дней назад)
Flashi 87 (14 дней назад)
Why am I here
Raggedy Gaming (14 дней назад)
Bill Gates is awesome!!!
eNaRDe (14 дней назад)
Bill Gates looks like hes wearing a bullet proof vest under his sweater.
Alejandro Albert (14 дней назад)
1:40 Double actors in the background?
Balaji Karthi (14 дней назад)
May their sons and daughters take care of their legacy and be enriched!!
Cloudless Vision (15 дней назад)
Billionaire buddies
Steven Pham (15 дней назад)
The Nissan Figaro is one of my dream cars.
Francisco Wellington (15 дней назад)
Bailey Howard (15 дней назад)
Why did I think bill gates was dead ?
Qinx (15 дней назад)
“I’ll take the whole place”😂😂😂
eze uzuka (15 дней назад)
Warren buffet: "I'll take the whole place" Me:😂😂😂 Me: "oh your serous"
Iftekar Emon (16 дней назад)
160 billion in one vid and no Gucci belt in sight that's what I am talking about
Abdul-Jabbar Aaed (17 дней назад)
Now I know why pinball was on Windows XP :)
Ritjert Swaab (17 дней назад)
We need moreeeeee♥️♥️♥️♥️
Rodrigo Oliveira (17 дней назад)
Dear Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, Hello. It is possible to by-orbit Earth an Inflatable Space Station 300 meters long with only the launch of one or two rockets. I know how to do this. This low-cost Space Station similar to that designed by Wernher Von Braun could function as an experimental human colony for future settlement of the Moon and subsequently Mars. I sent a copy of this suggestion to Russia. In contact with this country, I suggest ed that they also invite China or South Korea to this Space Project. I also sent a copy to UNOOSA of the ONU saying that it would be good to have Syrian Enginneers in this Project. I suggest that you invite your country and friends who value history and invest in the future of humanity to participate in this Project. Sincerely rodrigotimista@gmail.com Below is a video of the Space Station designed by Wernher Von Braun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JJL8CUfF-o
Randy Jones (17 дней назад)
Ohhhhhh rich people
pro gamer nick (18 дней назад)
Hi Bill Gate I love you your are a legend ☺.
commentonaa (18 дней назад)
Two wealthy classy men....not because of their resources but their understanding and humanity to us all...luv them!!!
Muhammad Aamir Khan (18 дней назад)
Both are not only rich by pocket but also by heart.
Sampada K (18 дней назад)
Well you can take the whole place
UNiCoRn PeGaSuS (19 дней назад)
This is like walking on old broadway lol
Microhard SINdows (19 дней назад)
this is wholesome and i love it
Anthony (19 дней назад)
How satisfying is this vid!🍬🍭
Anonymous American (20 дней назад)
he could easily afford that entire place.
Margarita Martinez (14 дней назад)
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Margarita Martinez (20 дней назад)
Femhara (20 дней назад)
Well that was delightful !
TeknoNerdz (21 день назад)
I wish I could have a chance to meet these two influential men before they die, or I die - They've made such an impact on this world, and I want to at least say hi in person and thank them :)
Rozemberg Barbosa (21 день назад)
I take too😘
Clorox Bleach (21 день назад)
Top 10 anime duos
Antonio Rocha (21 день назад)
The Wealth Generator (21 день назад)
BFF - Billionaires From Fianance
Christian Compres (21 день назад)
I want a movie ABOUT WARRENS LIFE!!
o Bill gates a conta do Google devia pedir certidão de nascimento
a singer (22 дня назад)
"I'll take the whole place" He proceedes to take a huge dump on the cash register
Pranav Punj (22 дня назад)
Buffet vs Billgates vs ?
Sameed Shakeel (22 дня назад)
Wow... I am your Fan 😊
Kelli Wilson (22 дня назад)
I love seeing these two men. Trump could learn a thing or two if he listened to these gentle wealthy men who are always giving back. History will show how Bill and Warren lived their lives and history will treat them kindly. God bless you both.
Karen RICH (22 дня назад)
I love them 🙌🏼😍🤓
Vegar Hoem Gravråk (22 дня назад)
They are bf's billionaire buddies
Mama Lala (22 дня назад)
What wonderful beings. If they weren't rich with money they're still rich in warmth and Graciousness
Y V (22 дня назад)
President Gates and Vice President Buffett 2020 !
Lauden Clear (22 дня назад)
"take the whole place"..... that's probably the only truth that they can do..
jefthe1 (23 дня назад)
God bless you both with more healthy years!!!
Rifki Ridha (23 дня назад)
They can buy the entire candy 😂
Nana (23 дня назад)
They look like best friends forever :D
SUPER MEGA LOVE YOU (23 дня назад)
Love you ❤❤❤
leon darcy (23 дня назад)
Would Bill Gates not make a very good President of the USA ?
Content Quality (23 дня назад)
3:24 they could write a check for the store rich people talk.
Nitin Gautam (23 дня назад)
Together they make that place Worth over billions
Agamdeep Singh (23 дня назад)
You see that child-like wonder in them. That's nostalgic for me, most of us lose it.
José Manuel 1997 (23 дня назад)
*Bill Gates you have so much money and you are even very smart for something you are the richest man in the world and I think you should know Spanish*
Stretchy Horse (23 дня назад)
I was just there yesterday. I live in Omaha
nikitas filosofof (23 дня назад)
casually seeing the GDP of my country playing around in a supermarket, nothing special
Tumpal Sagala (23 дня назад)
Jewish. Blessed.
Ricardo Reis (23 дня назад)
When you can already buy anything you ever wanted you start value little things like this.
hdholl (23 дня назад)
'I'll take the whole place.' Very funny!

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