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• What to Wear to Become a Lawyer: Call to the Bar Ceremony •

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Today I formally became a lawyer by being called to the bar! This is a vlog and outfit of the day of the robes and accessories I wore. Thank you so much for watching!
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Dalia Aboraya (4 месяца назад)
How do you do your hair like that?? Or what’s the style called at least?!
Andyttcc (1 год назад)
So many Asian lawyers in your class! Lol Anyway I loved your look. I think it was perfect! You definitely looked more mature and dressed up compared to everyone else. You looked ready to dive into work!!!
rahul gautam (1 год назад)
you r so beautiful
gotshakespeare (1 год назад)
I have been watching you for years but for some reason never saw this video. I teared up when you were coming down the stairs. You are poised, inspirational, and lovely! Keep it up!
Rue Moi (2 года назад)
I can't wait for my ball call I pray I get there 😀😊
JenBEE STYLE (3 года назад)
Elle, you are such an inspiration! I teared up! I have been prolonging my Law study for over 10 years because I am afraid of not finishing it.. Seems like you are lighting the fire up to me.. Any tips or suggestions on how to prepare myself will be hugely appreciated. 😊😊Keep making your youtube VDOs.. I love every bit of them! 😊😊
Rue Moi (2 года назад)
Once you start there's no going back :)) You can do it ! Believe in yourself and stay focused
Stephen blackman (3 года назад)
Canadian lawyers do not have to wear the full gown to court all the time. They can wear regular suits. Am I right? If so, must the suits always be plain black or can they be striped black or grey? Are dark brown suits ever allowed?
Stephen blackman (2 года назад)
+apm1 Australian/Kiwi/British?
apm1 (2 года назад)
+Stephen blackman oh, sorry, im not canadian. should have mentioned.
Stephen blackman (2 года назад)
Lawyers are allowed to wear wigs in Canada. That's cool. I never saw a Canadian lawyer wear one. In which province do you practise?
apm1 (2 года назад)
+Stephen blackman legal robes must be worn at pre trial hearings and at trials. some jurisdictions are starting to allow for barristers to ditch the wig. i still wear my wig though... its a personal choice.
Stephen blackman (3 года назад)
+Elle Florence I just bought 4 suits for my articling year. 3 are greyish/ black and one is brown.
voxmonkeylove (3 года назад)
I teared up
Suria A.R. (3 года назад)
awwww brought me down to the memory lane.. here we (one of commenwealth) wearing the same kind of robe .. but during Long Call (call to the bar ceremony) it was done inside the actual court room, (HC). Petition was read by one senior lawyer, and accepted by the judge, we then proceed to "robing" .. where the robe, which holds by our Master (senior lawyer that we do our practical for that 9 months), place the robe on us .... love seeing this...
santarget (4 года назад)
Dangle your heels or shoeplay
imnu13 (4 года назад)
Congratulations, luv! I enjoy your OOTD to ofice and beyond. Please continue posting them. ^_^
Anna Wykurz (4 года назад)
Elle!! Well done! I love all your videos and I admire your determination, passion and ambition in all you do. I am starting a new job soon and I was looking for some inspiration on how to dress to my new work and I found you!! I am definitely starting to wear pearls, something I never did before but make such a difference. Thank you for your videos and good luck in your career!!!
Sal See (4 года назад)
Could you do more videos on your journey to becoming a lawyer?
Heather Boyd (4 года назад)
Congrats! Love the blooper!
LaToya (4 года назад)
Congratulations girl! I loved this vid, it was very useful, my bar call is next month!
Jennyfer González (4 года назад)
OMG! im becoming a lawyer too (in a few weeks), a bit different here, i already passed the 2 exams equivalent to the bar, i wish we could go out to celebrate :) congrats!
Craig Mivshek (4 года назад)
Congrats! I should come out and DJ the celebration!
mecredi16 (4 года назад)
Elenaluvsmakeup (4 года назад)
empressofrussia (4 года назад)
This WHOLE vid was useful. My bar call is next year. Congratulations Elle!
aimeeladri (4 года назад)
lovely_classy (4 года назад)
abake002 (4 года назад)
summershine22 (4 года назад)
Love This Life (4 года назад)
Congrats Elle. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us. Cheers.
Aliana051 (4 года назад)
kemiebear (4 года назад)
Kathryn (4 года назад)
Beautiful and smart. Way to go!!
Lelianthus (4 года назад)
Smart and beautiful!:)
QueenHeart4U (4 года назад)
Congrats to you. What an accomplishment!
RambleHome HaulOut (4 года назад)
Congratulations! You look beautiful and successful! Have a wonderful career!
Elle Florence (4 года назад)
Thank you Wanda!
Elle Florence (4 года назад)
Business law :)
hellonezza (4 года назад)
congratulations! you are gorge!! also very inspiring! :)
Cheryl Forbes (4 года назад)
You are such a beautiful girl. Congrats to you and wishing you a lifetime of wonderful journeys!
OhSoOrels (4 года назад)
Congrats Elle!!
LulluBelle28 (4 года назад)
Congrats, Elle!
paperdragonfly12 (4 года назад)
Bill Smiles (4 года назад)
Congratulations. Amazing what you wear. Then good luck in your profession.
J PL (4 года назад)
Thumb up!
Cynthia Alcaraz (4 года назад)
Maja (4 года назад)
Tiffany (4 года назад)
So proud of you! You're such young pretty and smart lady!
ArolNeerg Anihc (4 года назад)
Congratulations Elle! You look amazing, and I feel almost too touched to be able to share one of your most important moments in life through the Internet :)
Cindy Cruz (4 года назад)
Congrats, you're so awesome!
Naomi L. (4 года назад)
You look beautiful. Congrats!
laxioma (4 года назад)
Stephanie García (4 года назад)
Congrats ... you look stunning
RingAroundthaRosey (4 года назад)
great going!
586Rexford (4 года назад)
What a super cool outfit! You look just stunning! Your mom must be so proud! :)
music10152744 (4 года назад)
Camille Marie (4 года назад)
You looked very stunning!
Sandra Fougere (4 года назад)
Anna's Toronto Mommy Life (4 года назад)
What type of law will you be practising?
Wanda P (4 года назад)
Congratulations! What a special day.

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