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Timothy Snyder On Historic U.S. Presidential Election: Exclusive Interview

Юридическая консультация онлайн

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The lead up to the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections has been nothing but extraordinary. Both the Republican and Democratic parties have led what many analysts have described as the dirtiest campaigns in history ahead of the November 8 vote. If Hillary Clinton wins, it's expected this presidential contest will be the last time where the whole issue of identity will be so important in shaping both American domestic and foreign policy. If Trump triumphs at the polls, the world's most powerful nation could become one where truth and rule of law could lose their meaning. Timothy Snyder is a renowned historian, the author of the bestselling book 'Bloodlands' about the Second World War and an expert on Ukraine and Eastern Europe. The Yale University Professor is a native of Ohio, a region where the population has the most significant understanding of what makes brand USA. Mr. Snyder gave an exclusive interview with the head of Hromadske TV Nataliya Gumenyuk about Russian interest in the U.S. elections, the manipulation of 'nostalgia voters' and how the U.S. is getting a taste of the Kremlin-style disinformation tactics that Ukrainians have been on the receiving end of for years.
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Текстовые комментарии (12)
Robin Breeds (6 месяцев назад)
He missed how Obama and Clinton created the environment for Trump
Jindřich Dolejš (3 месяца назад)
arvind13 (1 год назад)
complete idiot
Tony Person (1 год назад)
Wow! He called it all before it happened/is Now, happening (my time). If you know enough about human history, you notice patterns. Patterns are predictable. If we could quantify Chaos; we could predict the future. Compared to that, Human nature is pretty easy to read. T.S. is brilliant!
archangelbrightfame (1 год назад)
People don't realize how powerful the Arabs have become in this country. I knew Donald Trump was going to get elected when the Pope and all the Christian Churches back Donald Trump. All the Christian networks and even the Pope accused Barack Obama of being a Muslim. For all the Christian Communities the Idea of Hillary Clinton continue the policies of Obama was not in there sights. This election was a religious war and the next election is going to be even a more religious war. There is no separation of Church and state never will be. Even the constitution does not have separation of church in state witten in to it if you read it carefully. It is more like religious tolerance. Being a born again Christian I have to put science and material things in there perspective. But they don't replace my love for God and my Christian beliefs. When the Pope say vote for Donald Trump well there must be some kind of Divine intervention . So I vote for Donald Trump. I can't understand why people have to ship Syrian refugees 10,000 miles away from there home for safety. Trump solution is better. Send them back and rebuilt there home that they destroyed. There is no reason to bring all those lazy Arabs over here. You will see in the news Even the Calais camp in France is reopening. Germany is now starting to run out of money to maintain non German speaking people. There finial destination was the USA but not any more it will Syria thanks to Trump. The US is not the welfare state of the World. This rich oil people of there country must learn to share there oil wealth with there people. I think that US Presidential election effect the world and US more on religious values. Like Queer marriages. Abortions ect.
RubberDucky999 (1 год назад)
The Pope accused Barack Obama of being a Muslim ? what ? and Pope say vote for Donald Trump ? what ? where are you getting your propaganda
lookmanostrings (1 год назад)
Agreed. Archangel's post was a perfect example of alt-right brainwashing.. or just a brain that's turned into mush, really.
lookmanostrings (1 год назад)
Wow! So truth and facts don't matter for you, obviously. Not sure which world you live in but I weep for you and your new religious drug.
archangelbrightfame (1 год назад)
Well I'm not going to get into an argument about the money (especially dealing with Soros and the new world banking order). But I can tell you this that Angela Merkel is not going to win any more elections. Most of the people that are against Bring in the refugees will win elections all over Europe. France already the Calais camp is starting to fill up again. England will refuse to take in any refugees shoved down there throats by Brussels. So there will be a lot of Brexit talks. Putin is going to back down from Ukraine aggression. At least stop shipping weapons and supplies to East Ukraine. Because Russia is going to get in return Higher oil prices. Pretty much an agreement that they will make it impossible for Ukraine to join the NATO. I believe that pres, Petro Poroshenko has to realize that sometime it comes down that you have to take care of yourself. Your not really free unless you can take care of your self. It would be under every ones best interest if the gas deal were done at the same time as the peace agreements.. And that an independent third party handle the payment to Russia and the Ukraine debt (pay as you go ). Its not that NATO is throwing Ukraine under the bus. If Ukraine joins Nato it won't be a conventional war it will be a nuclear war. I believe that when it comes to the missile defense shield is were Putin gets very Touchy. I have no clue to that. All that money that was allocated to Greece to return the refugees via Turkey. Well we all know how corrupt Greece is. If 10% goes to the refugees they are doing good. Russia Today news when they fix there sight on some one they will badger those politician till they break. The pen is mightier than the sword. Most of those politician in Kiev will break under the RT news pressure. The Russian social security system. I saw it in Georgia and in Chechnya. Russian say all is fare in love and War which kind of tell me that the Russian spy are very attractive women. Sex for information. When this news media outlet come after you there is no way to defend your self. This what there are doing to Trump about the election. I don't know if Trump will be able to take the stress. Only time will tell. You can see what happen to professor's that say the N word by accident in a class room. They destroy them.
Cliohna (1 год назад)
+archangelbrightfame "Germany is now starting to run out of money to maintain non German speaking people." Not to offend you, but this is laughable. Germany is not runing out of money. Quite the opposite actually. Germany came from a public deficit to a public surplus the last years. https://www.wsj.com/articles/german-government-achieves-historic-budget-surplus-1452691320 http://www.reuters.com/article/germany-budget-idUSB4N18L02A There are many more sources about this topic. Look it up. EDIT: Germany had a public deficit before the migrant crisis btw. https://www.gfmag.com/global-data/economic-data/public-deficit-percentage-gdp
Susan Hathaway (1 год назад)
Jiří Novotný (1 год назад)
It hurts seeing it now.

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