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I Am Not A Monster: Schizophrenia | Cecilia McGough | TEDxPSU

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Cecilia McGough puts a face to schizophrenia and helps empower college students through the upcoming non-profit Students With Schizophrenia. Students With Schizophrenia: http://sites.psu.edu/studentswithschizophrenia/ I Am Not A Monster: SCHIZOPHRENIA: http://sites.psu.edu/ceciliamcgough/ Cecilia McGough is an astronomer, activist, and writer as a Penn State Schreyer Honors College scholar pursuing a major in Astronomy & Astrophysics. Cecilia is the founder and current president of the Penn State Pulsar Search Collaboratory. She has been participating in pulsar research continuously since December of 2009, co-discovering pulsar J1930-1852 with the widest orbit ever observed around another neutron star, competing in the International Space Olympics held in Russia, and co-authoring her research in the Astrophysics Journal. Cecilia is a mental health activist in fighting against the negative stigma towards mental illness. She is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of the soon to launch non-profit Students With Schizophrenia which is the only non-profit in the United States focused on empowering college students with schizophrenia. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Текстовые комментарии (4428)
cookerham (11 часов назад)
red and white =love/ a beautiful woman
FireyFoxer495 (12 часов назад)
What causes this?
Roxie Eyeleers (13 часов назад)
Not sure it is "ok"....just tolerable and in some cases manageable. For my nephew, who is brilliant, it means a 24/7 caretaker and LOTS of hours with doctors and especially his psychiatrist.
JulesQ (13 часов назад)
Interesting woman!! We were going to school at the same place at the same time, cool!
Lindy Parker (14 часов назад)
when she said "you would never know i was hallucinating. the clown is actually in the audience today and you wouldnt know where" my heart sank. she is so strong and brave. just the thought of me being up there like she is, with her hallucination. i would break dow. major respect for her. shes a beautiful soul.
Alex Smith (15 часов назад)
I like the way she says schizophrenia.
ῠ̔ποκρῐτής (21 час назад)
The stigma behind mental illness is an issue that needs to be fixed.
Yanga (1 день назад)
I love her!
CourageDearHeart89 (1 день назад)
I could never watch a horror or suspense movie if I couldn't control my imagination. She must be so brave after living through all that. I just watched Delirium for the first time and it made me thankful that I don't have that struggle. I wonder why she doesn't hallucinate happy things? I rarely ever have nightmares esp. when compared to the number of happy dreams. Curious.
Daily Nugget (1 день назад)
Ayy cecilia from sbsk
Ashley Millican (1 день назад)
Okay, but like the mouth sounds she makes when she speaks are really annoying. That wet, clicky sound. Also, maybe lay off the horror movies if you're seeing Samara and Pennywise everywhere. 😒
Beatriz Suzukayama (1 день назад)
You are amazing Cecília!
KatieSparkles (1 день назад)
Wow I never knew there wasn't any non-profit organizations to help people with Schizophrenia I am very glad she started one <3 it is very important. My best friend's step dad is Schizophrenic, fortunately he does get help for it and and is in a a good place, and he is just like everyone else, and I think it is very important to show the world that just because one has Schizophrenia it does not mean they are a monster at all.
Gage Braatz (1 день назад)
My girlfriend has schizophrenia and she’s my angel ❤️
Jill011 Promise?_Promise. (1 день назад)
There is this one boy in my grade and he always says “I have schizophrenia” “I listen to the voices” and then laughs creepy like it’s some kind of joke I wish he actually new what is was like or even researched it like I do his dad is always like “stop be quite” his dad is our teacher and I wish he would teach his kid that mental health isn’t a joke and like I can’t even imagine having anything like schizophrenia little moon people actually have to deal with it in there every day lives this when I’m truly is a hero and she needs to be way more popular because what she’s doing is a beautiful amazing thing
a HSN Siddique (2 дня назад)
Suffocating yahoo sharp
a HSN Siddique (2 дня назад)
Monster hdmi
Evon Banjo (2 дня назад)
isnt she the one on SBSK?? Btw I'm so proud of her for being brave and being strong to be better! I hope you're doing well!
Ashley Sapp (2 дня назад)
Easily one of the best talks I've watched!
Jr The kid (2 дня назад)
Can she drive?
Akshually.... (2 дня назад)
Fun fact: violence is much much more likely to happen TO schizophrenics than to be caused by them. Be aware and show the same respect you'd show to anybody else.... Maybe even more. There's really nothing more terrifying than your nightmares walking around in your waking life.... And you being unable to know for sure that they aren't real.
Piss Off Google (3 дня назад)
Thank you, Cecilia!
beatleboy305 (3 дня назад)
Her voice is very smoothing
Gemini Ali (3 дня назад)
Very long time ago , for several time I have heard the voice of my sister and my mother that talked behind me, in other room. It bothered me very much. One night I said to my self: it’s enough, go and verify what they talk about?” And then I have been totally shocked to find them asleep in their bedrooms!!!!!!! Recently, it’s about one year that I see the people like ghost everywhere who disappear in 2 seconds. I just ignore them. I don’t know if it is schizophrenia, or not ????? But I am very intelligent person with strong memory .
My Papi enjoys memes (3 дня назад)
She was on sbsk
ssnellz (3 дня назад)
Being a nerd is a huge plus!
ssnellz (3 дня назад)
This is excellent
Kyle Crocker (3 дня назад)
She's brilliant
Amy Locke (3 дня назад)
does schizophrenia cause speech impediments
l jules (3 дня назад)
She a fighter
Jenna Czerwinski (3 дня назад)
That was simply amazing.
cowgirl boots (3 дня назад)
Nerd alert!
Saif Ali (3 дня назад)
plot twist.... shes hooked on acid
AJ (4 дня назад)
I'm in love with u...ur beautiful 😧❤️
BakedPotatoYT (4 дня назад)
Imagine seeing the clown in your every day life that you get used to it so you just walk into it, not mind it at all and act like a normal day. The clown would be actually get bored and get a life.
JerseyTV (4 дня назад)
"The clown is actually in the audience today". Come on, I know I didnt wash my hair yesterday, but.. a clown?
Bona Bona (2 дня назад)
JerseyTV 😁😆😆🤣
loonathewiggington (4 дня назад)
KC Books (4 дня назад)
Bless this young woman and everyone else suffering with this diagnosis.
Hannah Groom (4 дня назад)
Love her style so much.
Loser Jones (4 дня назад)
Im dealing with tinnitus and you have helped me alot. Subbed
G D (4 дня назад)
I think your message can definitely appeal to people who aren't close to schizophrenia. Try a highly schizophrenic mother. Doesn't get worse than that. Live with one of them for 17 years and you'll look at this TED talk much differently.
Jesus-Christ is alive (4 дня назад)
Why don't you ask the blood of Jesus?
Natalie Di (4 дня назад)
Her mother sounds like the monster to me. Why does she think herself and her daughters share a medical history and that that medical history will impact their careers? Vile.
Suzanne Cohen (5 дней назад)
Reminds me of the movie “the sphere”
JointedSpagel (5 дней назад)
I have mild visual hallucinations as a side effect of my meds. I can barely stand the mild ones. This woman has unrivaled will.
eyeswatermaker (5 дней назад)
What an amazing speaker. So easy and soothing just listen to her story. Wonderful voice ever.
Leigh McGrath (5 дней назад)
My trigger is the sloppy sound her mouth is making while she speaks.
Jakey (5 дней назад)
I see certain people a little girl a woman i call the paper woman a few others but mostly i see like.. spots? that move around the room
Bona Bona (2 дня назад)
Jakey aww im so Sorry that must be so hard i cant even imagen going through that . I hope you get treatment and feel better. Much love too you ❤️you are not alone
Jakey (2 дня назад)
I get terriifide sometimes I can't even move it feels like my insides have dropped out
Bona Bona (2 дня назад)
Jakey .. omg do you Get scared or how do you feel?
Charles J. Winters (5 дней назад)
This video gives more a lot of empathy for people who have scicophrinia
xrcrx ftfghjg (6 дней назад)
monsters wouldn't cut their hair like yours.
Shandi Crabill (6 дней назад)
Having schizophrenia is hard. I was diagnosed when I was 18, because my cousin knew I was seeing and hearing things and said I needed help. I'm terrified to tell people I know because I don't know If they will treat me the same.
Bona Bona (2 дня назад)
Shandi Crabill people who love you will understand. And If they dont understand you cant change for them. Just do you 😁
Erin Rose (6 дней назад)
Mental health is such a huge, devastating problem and yet it’s so hard to get good help. Thank god for women like this, she should be so proud of herself. Her mom was so, so wrong.
Jump (6 дней назад)
When she said "I was too late for her", I was like damn... that's so sad to hear.
MrJohnny56789 (6 дней назад)
Poster child for Hope is Emo series
pablo just pablo (6 дней назад)
I used to always hallucinate when I got a fever and it was awful I have not had one in years but sometimes I can feel the unmistakable feeling of the walls closing in inside my mind and your head feels bizarre almost like its floating. I used to think Vikings were chasing me, soldiers trying to shoot me one time I thought my sister had hurt her knee and I drop kicked her as she slept one time I thought my fire alarm was going off and I was stood on my bed post hitting it. I remember little bits of most of them but couldn't control myself I was like a spectator. As I got older I got stronger and could control my subconscious but I can sometimes feel the darkness inside waiting to escape
Safa Othman (7 дней назад)
This is really brave, I totally respect her
Caro FN (7 дней назад)
7:47 ❤❤❤;;
Caro FN (7 дней назад)
Esto es hermoso y una inspiración para mí :")
Deiondre Perkins (8 дней назад)
I'm a paraniod schizophrenic too I hear voices but I'm not ashamed of it. I'm proud of it.
Jeff Fugazzi (8 дней назад)
That hair on you fits so well. You are so beautiful!
Universal wanderer's music (8 дней назад)
I told a few people. They thought I was crazy. I never told anyone after that.
Universal wanderer's music (8 дней назад)
Schizophrenia doesn't exist. The stuff I see is real. NOT FAKE. SO DO NOT SAY I HAVE SCHIZOPHRENIA. THEY ARE REAL.
(9 дней назад)
I have Schizophrenia since I was 12, I'm not a monster : )
cleanxlyrics Chloesmh (9 дней назад)
Anyone watching this before bed lol
Kaitlin Dresen (9 дней назад)
This is amazing. I commend her.
Chloe E (9 дней назад)
She reminds me of doctor John Nash Jr. They both have very intelligent minds with schizophrenia.
Candy Lin (9 дней назад)
I wonder if she has come acrossed anyone with auditory hallucinations. With cell phone these days, I believe it's even more confusing for a schizophrenic person with auditory hallucinations.
Saarilan _ (9 дней назад)
She. Is. Amazing.
Jai Raj Kashyap (9 дней назад)
Puja Bhatt from Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayi...
Jai Raj Kashyap (9 дней назад)
A Beautiful Mind...
Ratimir Slavenski (9 дней назад)
People with schizophrenia should dig into C.G. Jung and comparative mythology
Jameson Lovegrove (10 дней назад)
I clapped at the end, and shed a few tears... schizophrenia is the monster, not us.
Smalls 0329 (10 дней назад)
You’re mom kind of a shitbag
Mario Perez (10 дней назад)
I have Autism and Depression (both chemically imbalanced and from childhood trauma) and I'm not sure if I have Schizophrenia or not because I sometimes have somatic hallucinations where I feel like I'm being stabbed with hot needles to having visual ones of shadow people whenever I talk to myself for afew seconds to having auditory hallucinations where I hear random voices call out my name when I know I'm alone...It scares me. My own uncertainty scares me.
Mitteroid Music (10 дней назад)
Too bad i could never be friends with her, cuz my hairs red ;-;
Paul Bradshaw (11 дней назад)
cute voice.
Emma Bainton (11 дней назад)
You are my inspiration!
shamusfarmer (11 дней назад)
For her "being triggered" doesnt actually mean being an overly sensative crybaby. Interesting!
Toadally MD (11 дней назад)
i dont get it.
Shady Void (12 дней назад)
I applaud her for being so open and honest about her illness and story, but I also want to point out to everyone here that this is not a typical case of schizophrenia. Very, very few people experience visual hallucinations (usually it's auditory), and most people experience functional decline especially if they were treated late.
Mahatma Cote (12 дней назад)
I find it interesting to hear how she recognises and agrees with her diagnosis. It's probably the first step on the path to healing and normality.
J Vincent (12 дней назад)
Aside from the obvious, admirable qualities, she's cute...love her style!
Ahhh...Ya (12 дней назад)
God bless you Cecilia. Be a champion for those that are not as strong as you. You are amazing. I have consistent high blood pressure that is difficult for me to manage with bouts of nausea and disorientation. My point in sharing that is from a societal point of view there should no difference between you and I, we both simply have a health issue that we manage, period. There shouldn't be different attitudes from people towards us, or I should not be qualified for a job more than you, etc. Granted it may take you some time as it has me to prepare for a certain career as I had to leave one that was more stressful, but once we get the help and meds we need to be productive each day we both should be able to wear our badges proudly and not fear some bullsht stigma. What the police did to you was wrong but just like the "metoo" movement the time for change is now and the time to suppress, be embarrassed of or feel shame for a mental illness is near over. I am happy to see that you will be the strong woman who leads the charge. Be brave my friend! :)
Vale Ntino Fan Club (12 дней назад)
I didn't uderstand , why her roomates called police?
Andy Roo (12 дней назад)
Chemical imbalance is a myth, or a convenient hypothesis for big pharma to sell chemicals. The cause is unknown. Read Thomas szasz. On Anti Psychiatry.
Rainbow Writer (10 дней назад)
Andy Roo Thanks Tom Cruise. This is the 21sr century. Come join us wont you!
Эдуардо Хелвечыос (12 дней назад)
nice legs tho
watewmark (12 дней назад)
My name's Nicolas, I don't have schizophrenia, and I am a monster !
watewmark (10 дней назад)
+belly tripper What do you know I didnt attempt mass murder ?
belly tripper (10 дней назад)
belly tripper (10 дней назад)
kitty fairy (13 дней назад)
i commend her so much for being so brave and talking about this. Mental illnesses are really the worst, especially with the stigma in society that makes people ashamed and suicidal. No matter who you are or what you're going through, just know that it is okay, don't judge yourself, i promise you i won't judge you.
Nia Nelson (13 дней назад)
What her mom told her about her mental health is what my dad told me about my depression and my behaviors for years.
Whitney McMahon (13 дней назад)
This opened my eyes.. emotional, heartfelt, and powerful. Thank you, Cecilia. You're making a difference. ❤
Jennifer Sinclair (13 дней назад)
Wow! She's an areospace major!!!! That is MORE than cool! I would LOVE to meet this woman.
Neeraj Rai (13 дней назад)
I am schizophrenic..and I don't know what to write in Comments.. constantly running thoughts in my mind..
Joseph Villena (13 дней назад)
This woman is a hero.Although im not a fan of surpressing these symptoms with pills.i can understand that there are cases where it is necessary because they say every new attack will push them deeper into that state. But whatever you say i believe love is the only true healing.And prayer can be a mighty weapon to overcome this horrible state.but one should not identify oneself as a shizophrenic.First of all you are a human.What most people lack in their lifes is a sense of compassion from others.may god help us all
Mike Franc (14 дней назад)
Its weird because........ Schizophrenia has haunted me since I was born because my mother struggles with this disease. Those people who I grew up with, along with my Ma, never acted and seemed "normal" at all ever. Around 20 years old I've noticed mental illness went main stream and "popular". Since then, I've been so confused by the people who would step forward as a schizophrenic because they don't look or seem schizophrenic.
Dave Corleone (14 дней назад)
The noises you can hear from her mouth sounds like raindrops; so relaxing mm
anika lama (14 дней назад)
She is so beautiful, strong and inspirational I'm literally so in love with her personality❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
stefan goatmoon (14 дней назад)
you can obviously see that when she is talking that she is hallicionating because sometimes when she say something and kinda stutter you see her look up to the roof
Kai Merra (14 дней назад)
I am not a monster.
Master Sergeant (14 дней назад)
So proud of her for standing up to what most of us cannot. I have issues and all I do is carry them wherever I go.
W B (14 дней назад)
She's describing a rather specific case of schizophrenia. As stated in the video, it's only an umbrella term for many different types of symptoms, some of which are ostensibly somewhat milder (or perhaps worse) than what she tells of herself. Auditory and visual hallucinations, for example, can be totally absent in many sufferers, and in fact makes up the minority of cases (if my wonky, tumbleweed brain remembers correctly). Others may only have symptoms such as catatonia, disorganized speech, deterioration of personal grooming, etc. What's more, many symptoms of schizophrenia rather resemble symptoms for other ailments such as bipolar disorder (e.g., psychosis...I think there is some kind of intermediate diagnosis called schizoaffective disorder that describes elements from both). Regardless, possibly one of the greatest hurdles to successful treatment of schizophrenia (and indeed bipolar I and II), is reluctance on the part of the patient to seek help, and non-compliance with treatment regimes. I guess what I'm trying to say is: Keep hydrated, get some good reading in, and pay your taxes. It's these little things that makes for a better society and helps the mentally ill collect decently-sized well-fare cheques that they can use to self-medicate and construct intricate structures to evade the impending invasion of the dreaded scaly-snouted moon rodent. OBEY.

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