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I Am Not A Monster: Schizophrenia | Cecilia McGough | TEDxPSU

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Cecilia McGough puts a face to schizophrenia and helps empower college students through the upcoming non-profit Students With Schizophrenia. Students With Schizophrenia: http://sites.psu.edu/studentswithschizophrenia/ I Am Not A Monster: SCHIZOPHRENIA: http://sites.psu.edu/ceciliamcgough/ Cecilia McGough is an astronomer, activist, and writer as a Penn State Schreyer Honors College scholar pursuing a major in Astronomy & Astrophysics. Cecilia is the founder and current president of the Penn State Pulsar Search Collaboratory. She has been participating in pulsar research continuously since December of 2009, co-discovering pulsar J1930-1852 with the widest orbit ever observed around another neutron star, competing in the International Space Olympics held in Russia, and co-authoring her research in the Astrophysics Journal. Cecilia is a mental health activist in fighting against the negative stigma towards mental illness. She is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of the soon to launch non-profit Students With Schizophrenia which is the only non-profit in the United States focused on empowering college students with schizophrenia. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Текстовые комментарии (3790)
Bailey Phillips (15 часов назад)
Absolutely love the way she talks.
fresher sheiss (16 часов назад)
imagine her taking shrooms or lsd XD
Liam Rutherford (17 часов назад)
wow your a legend and thankyou for sharing this. As it has made me aware of what some people go through
Kane Holahan (1 день назад)
psychiatry doesnt call out bad parenting,and just blames the victim, psychiatry is a weak, flimsy pseudoscience
Kane Holahan (1 день назад)
the ridiculous degrees that the politicaly correct people go to for fear of rocking the boat and offending someone are shameful. a lot of mental illness is caused by child abuse. psychiatry has chosen to protect the dignity of the abusive caregivers at the expense of the victims. it is sick. also if you are mentally ill i would suggest forgetting about religion, it will impede your recovery
Comeback (1 день назад)
i wish we had the same treatment to schizophrenics, autistic people and etc in my country. Instead they're just being hold in mental hospitals jobless, clueless and without future.
aye_itsm3 777 (1 день назад)
But I'm scared, I saw a little girl in the corner of my eye
aye_itsm3 777 (1 день назад)
Omg I would try to kill myself too
Gristly-Knuckle (2 дня назад)
The worst things are the angels, unless you know who they are.
Caro Leota (2 дня назад)
I am so glad that U are very brave about this. I have a daughter that she have schizophrenia and she does not want to talk. I tried to talk to her to go with me and see a doctor, but refuse. She said that she hears voices, she argue with the voices and swearing a lot of time. I'm from ZN and I really need help for my daughter. she tried to take her own life but I was very quick and she did not do it. She does not want to see any doctor.
nwobhm1992 (2 дня назад)
not curable. one of rarest desease. suicide is common among them.
nancy droll (2 дня назад)
Excellent, Well done.
BnBattaglia (2 дня назад)
She's really inspiring to anyone with mental health issues. To see she can be so composed, strong and focused through what she has to endure because of her mind puts things in perspective.
Katherine Minton (3 дня назад)
“I’m just someone who cannot turn off my nightmares even when I’m awake.” Wow that’s very powerful. Can totally resonate with that.
Nada Raoúf (3 дня назад)
الموضوع متعلق بالشجاعه..الشجاعه اني اتقبل اني مريض اصلا✋....ملهمه💜
CrazyGamerGirl 97 (4 дня назад)
What a great woman. I imagine that it takes a lot to talk about schizophrenia in front of so many people.
Angelus Santi (5 дней назад)
Przeczytaj Jamesa Hillmana.Używasz języka pełnego sprzeczności i nienawiści do psyche. Języka wrogiego. This is a hate speech, if you don't know what is psyche or phenomenology of the psyche how do U know what is schizophrenia. You can not talk about the body without the knowledge of how it looks like, you can not talk about psyche without knowledge about the phenomenology of the psyche .Apollonian ego opinions about psyche/hades traits of character are completely useless, meaningless,. FIGHT FOR PSYCHE PHENOMENOLOGY IN THE PLACE OF EMPTY NOMINALISM created by rich people to figt the poor and the psyche WHICH IS A WEAPON AGAINST PSYCHOLOGICAL MAN. USE HUMAN LANGUAGE TO DEPICT PSYCHE REALITY AND NOT THE PSEUDO MEDICAL JARGON FULL OF HATE JAMES HILLMAN RE -VISIONING OF PSYCHOLOGY TOMASZ SZASZ MANUFACTURE OF MADNESS
Misra Can (5 дней назад)
Mükemmel 👏
MELON en SURPRISE (5 дней назад)
I find people with schizophrenia cooler than anyone else because they have more dimensions than average joes and janes
Cory Mitchell (7 дней назад)
Badass hair
PaulMichaels2010 (7 дней назад)
she's so adept at managing her condition. I love her look. Her style is gorgeous. Kudos to you Cecilia.
Артем Павлов (7 дней назад)
What a shame that there's complete no chance of some improvements in the "mental diseases" situation in Russia...
Bella xoxo (8 дней назад)
Hi Cecelia ! ❤
FictionFaction (8 дней назад)
I saw a shadow of a piece of paper in the dark of my room once and almost pissed myself. Must be terrifying to actually hallucinate full blown conversations with monsters
Leaf (8 дней назад)
My brother and me, we saw since childrens ghosts and UFO's... but now for me is less frequent and my brother is more frequent... even he looks other things more strange... I believe in ghosts and UFO's, I am sure the ghosts and UFO's I saw were real, but maybe my brother now has schizophrenia... maybe was the detonant. I am tell to him constantly about he needs a doctor, but he don't hear me... the good thing is he is a drawing (dibujante) and it is a good inspiration, but sometimes he is very scary... he looks eyes on the wall, faces on the screen of the computer laughing (riéndose) of him. My poor brother... but he has a normal life... But anyway doctors here are not so good like United States, and here doctors could broke my brother's mind. And he can live with that very well, so what's the problem? and maybe it is not schizophrenia... maybe he can look things than others can't and this things exists. I don't know... I gonna show him this video...
aras (9 дней назад)
What if person hasent seen even one scary movie, scary face, what would this person see? Just came to my mind when she Said she saw IT clown and grudge
mediaROOM (9 дней назад)
i want a lady like her
Chesca Pargo (9 дней назад)
Thank you for your bravery and sharing your story. I wish I knew more when one of my best friends was discovering the depths of her problems. I supported her the best I knew how. Eventually she was successful in committing suicide. I never blamed her. I have always questioned was I the friend she needed. I try to understand more. Listen more and learn more. Thank you for helping me learn more and understand more.
TSZ WAI CHIU (9 дней назад)
Here is your support Cecilia!
Johnathan A Boxx (10 дней назад)
I am happy to have schizophrenia am not mad I just deal with it ☺
Tuğçe Mahmutoğlu (10 дней назад)
Bende bunları yaşadım ah inanılmaz bir hayat.
Broken Toaster (11 дней назад)
Their voice is so calming, anyone else find this ahaha?
Kuyashabrita (11 дней назад)
is suicide is the best cure in this case!!! oh..btw, why I need do it myself while Hallucinations are doing this day by day :).
Angel (11 дней назад)
You are my hero.
Roberta O (11 дней назад)
As a sister of a guy with schizophrenia, I'm so gratefull for what you do. He just has negative symptomps, which it means that he can't go out or have friends or get a job. I'm so worried for his future. For our future. I'm a med student and really want to become a psychiatry.. well I don't even know how to say it. I hope to make difference one day. Saluti from Italy
Dorianne Mosich (11 дней назад)
Mental health professionals need to educate themselves thru watching this thank you Cecilia, we commend you for your original bravery to speak out & help others. Our current culture, is in the stone age on mental illness, all because of social stigma. it's imperative we drop the stigma get them the help they deserve instead of criminalizing them. The USA needs to stop funding with huge funds the already richly funded prison system. In 2010 California spent over 10 billion dollars putting the mentally ill in prison, this might put our criminal justice system in the unemployment line, but oh well. During our lifetime we need to expose this to society !Isn't it time the cat is out of the bag, stop allowing the courts, lawyers , judges to take advantage of the weak like people going thru a divorce, or the mentally ill? New laws need to be implemented & passed to advocate for the mentally ill getting help at the first on set of symptoms? All family law matters concerning little kids and couples get wrapped up in one year, instead allowing trails to drag on for years ??
Sofia Cordeiro (12 дней назад)
Food for thought: maybe mental illnesses like schizophrenia are the conjoined result of different evolutional processes undertaken by humans so they could adapt to western society real quick.
Farah Khalil (12 дней назад)
She is gorgeous!
lorainefrancesv (13 дней назад)
monsters take pleasure in the suffering of others, seems too harsh a word.
* AnimalHeadSpirit * (14 дней назад)
I feel like I could have easily gone down that route in my teens ., though I somehow took control over the hallucinations--auditory and visual, eventually realizing I could control what they look and sound like if I really concentrated ...I'm fortunate in that regard, as it could have gone the other way. It was definitely scary before I had that epiphone and took control .. Perhaps it helped that I'm a creative (musician/artist) and perhaps have fairly strong left / right brain connections. I think part of the key was learning to not let it scare me and always telling myself that I was in control...and then guiding my visual or auditory journeys at will - occasionally willing myself to have them when I wasn't, using it as a source for my art or entertainment ... As years of adulthood passed, I somehow lost the the hallucinations altogether ... I guess the more I got to know myself and the older I got, the more self assured and at peace I became, and that part of my brain kinda withered away. I honestly believe that if I had taken the multiple strong psychiatric medications that I was prescribed as a teen, I would have never been able to have my epiphone and the disorder would have become chronic and permanent. Perhaps I would have felt less pain over the years, but the meds would have dulled my senses and stunted my potential. Not suggesting others shouldn't take their meds -- everyone is different, but meds aren't for everyone.
Sarah Anne (14 дней назад)
Cecilia you are an incredible woman. Thank you so much.
Kai Summers (14 дней назад)
I would be screaming all the time!!! How were you not catatonic...you are wonder woman so stay strong 💗💗💗
wupperelfe (16 дней назад)
Cecilia, your mother makes me angry! Instead of fearing the consequences of a paper trail, she could have accompanied you to a doctor and talked to him/her about her worries (concerning you and your job - yes, maybe but your sisters' future?! Come on...).
Marissa Sovinsky (16 дней назад)
Wow. Amazing. I work with adults who have developmental disabilities and one client in particular has schizophrenia. Sometimes he has really bad episodes, and I will try to distract him from the voices or tell him that "hes okay". He will start talking to other people who aren't there. It was really scary at first, but once I got to know him... that's not all that he is. Hes funny, smart, and a really nice person. He loves laughing and making jokes. My job has taught me so much about how important it is to look beyond these illnesses. I try my very hardest to give them the quality of life they deserve. Most of their families dont want them. I absolutely love my job and I wouldn't trade it. It's beautiful. I appreciate every aspect of my life so much more because of it.
Never Beaten (16 дней назад)
Thats like living in a nightmare. I cant even imagine. I have OCD and cronic depression. Still u know ur own struggles only. My life would scare many of u, yet i live. Her life scares me yet she lives. Know how blessed u are "healthy ones".
blanca estrella (16 дней назад)
The father of my son suffers from major depression bipolar episodes PTSD and (recently diagnosed with) schystrafrantina currently hes serving time &7 weeks to go n hes out ... its hard to tell what he will decide that moment i pick up the phone what he decides is facts in his mind ... advise?
Abraham Aguilar (17 дней назад)
She has nice legs.
Nana Sama (17 дней назад)
did she burp in the middle of her speech ? lol
peshmerge44 (17 дней назад)
My brother had hallucinations too but the difference was he believed it was real. He told me thinks that never happened but were so real to him. Like he said he did teleport or other stuff
Frank Carr (17 дней назад)
She is cute, but she is real crazy.
nicbee 1 (18 дней назад)
Thankyou so much for sharing my grandmother was very smart, but also a schizophrenic. We were taught to be ashamed and hide our family history. I was never ashamed of her she was beautiful. Can I ask if it sometimes hard to tell what thoughts are reality or not sometimes?
kadda1212 (18 дней назад)
The problem is that many people are not diagnosed and don't realize that they have a mental illness. My father has a schizoaffective psychosis and when his symptoms started showing he was never aware that he is the one who is sick. He always thought everyone around him was insane. We could persuade him though to go to the hospital. But many people remain untreated and I notice them on the street. There is a woman in my city who apparently was abused by her father as a child. Her father is dead, but her hallucination takes his form and people will notice her screaming at him when she is alone. Around actual people she can keep calm and I think it would do her good to not be alone, but she is and is constantly reliving her trauma. And noone can force her to get help. The law in my country is that you can only force someone to go to the hospital if they are a danger to themselves, i.e. after a suicide attempt, or others.
Sara Kha (18 дней назад)
She is so brave😭 I admire her!!!
drwanderlust (18 дней назад)
A beautiful heart, mind, and soul. Cecilia McGough is extraordinary.
Jacob Denise (18 дней назад)
Bless her heart. Such a strong individual.
Tomris Hatun (18 дней назад)
Yemin ediyorum sizofreniye dair butun on yargilarimi yikti
Ebony weatherbe (19 дней назад)
Why is there no help for people with metal illnesses we need to educate and help them. They where born this why.
Chara Choppel (19 дней назад)
How is it: do you hallucinate only when you are alone, or also when there's people round about you?
AllThatBeauty (19 дней назад)
You’re incredible.
sanane kimsem kimim aq (19 дней назад)
Buralarda türk görmemek üzdü
sanane kimsem kimim aq (19 дней назад)
Ben çok sevdim.
Love to Learn (19 дней назад)
Thanks so much. Very important to know this.
La Máquina de Hacer Pájaros (20 дней назад)
We love yoy cecilia! You are not alone!
Paul Hay (20 дней назад)
Schizophrenia or not I'm In love with this girl.
ALILublin (20 дней назад)
Such an interesting person.
Anastasia Muzzarelli (20 дней назад)
I was trying to hear and understand, but I kept hearing those little noises she makes when she talks, and I just can’t
Bert Tyson (20 дней назад)
how come she stays composed and relaxed the entire time. That's giving more than a 100% percent best. Salute strong woman!
Dakota Nieves (20 дней назад)
i’ve has the ambulance called on me before. worst thing is that the cops come first. terrifying.
Cannabalistic Fawn (20 дней назад)
This brought me to tears at work. I am terrified of my place of work finding out. I'm scared of people acring like I'm dangerous. And I'm even more scared to get help
Trash Donut (21 день назад)
I have it and I've only told one friend because I feel like people are gonna make fun of me.
Michelle Fletcher (21 день назад)
I watched her interview on sbsk. Very interesting and informative
Rin Rin (21 день назад)
I'm so happy she's clarifying how schizophrenic people aren't monsters, or insane people. My girlfriend has schizophrenia and she takes medication for it, but sometimes when she tells people this they feel uncomfortable around her, and I end up feeling so bad. She talks with me about how she has voices in the back of her head, and a lot of times we're sitting together and she starts talking to herself. Honestly, I know she would never hurt me- she's an absolutely amazing, kind, adorable, valuable person, and it breaks my heart that people would think she's dangerous just because of this disorder. Thank you Cecilia McGough.
Lorena Wondruschka (21 день назад)
Amazing woman!!!
MissP (21 день назад)
This moved me to tears. I can’t believe her mother. I hope Cecilia has been able to get a non-profit involved. Goodness, what an amazing young woman. I wish her every success with her future 💜
Skylar Collins (22 дня назад)
I love this so much!!
stripedmoth (22 дня назад)
Just wonderful. Awareness is so important and I feel like you were so brave to bring it up. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤
Vindelextreme 2.0 (22 дня назад)
i wonder how many people throughout history that thought they were psychic, was only people that were suffering from schizophrenia
Chris B (22 дня назад)
Students with schizophrenia is so much better than the doctors without diplomas movement.
Kath vdG (23 дня назад)
This video made me very emotional- I am a clinical psychology graduate student at a US university, we have a clinic on campus -the head of the clinic and professors do not accept clients into the clinic for counseling if they have schizophrenia. It’s heartbreaking.
Wiley Coyote (23 дня назад)
On Bicameral and Unicameral Enlightenment Especially Concerning The Mentally Ill: I propose that as education advances we become increasingly unicameral. A schizophrenic, thus, is aware of their bicameral material and thinking as therefore semi-enlightened. If there is a tendency for unicameral births, they would soon revert to the bicameral tools if uneducated. Many seem to have a unicameral breakdown and become aware of their "subconscious" handshake. Drugs like LSD provoke a unicameral breakdown and bring forth bicameral residue. I admit I dabbled a tab in college, but that was over 25 years ago and many reach illness without them. Any path paved with education is a road to enlightenment and not necessarily easy or paved beautifully. Some may be completely bicameral, but not aware of their own thoughts. Thus, on the path to education, the mentally ill are the semi-enlightened breakthrough. I propose this in the name of consumer health, as psychiatric patients are supposed to have their own consumer health plans according to their own understandings. By becoming more aware of my bicameral thinking I embark to eliminate it. This in addition to an important and historically accurate "toothy" education will give me a complete unicameral blankness of an enlightened individual. I will have my mental teeth in definitions and a subconscious or semi-conscious biscuit. With a society becoming increasingly educated more and more will become aware of their bicameral material. It's difficult with esoteric definitions like the conscious development of emotional maturity and regrets. Especially in a world with a need for self-defense definitions of this size. Perhaps the way to conquer a wall in not through its front precipice, but through its faults by "thinking out of the box." In fact, I've heard reports of a number as high as 40% mentally ill. On the lighter side, I noticed I live 3 blocks from the zoo. Maybe I'll ill watch "Altered States" and pay a visit. I admit I got schizophrenia after being exposed to both the Graphic Design and Metals Machining Industries in college. Which apparently are doorways to the universe without the pulp. I'm either esoteric Einstein parts for Northrop Grumman types or Super Bowl advertising. It was like being exposed to world classified information without the historical content. When "I" was in Kindergarten I spent some time with a box of telephone parts that they had placed in the classroom and tried to set up a network on the floor. The teachers soon had to remove the parts. In second grade I then took over the film reels in the classroom to run my own videos and was exposed to gifted classes in 3rd through 6th, where I did science projects in electromagnetism and soil nitrates in fast plants. I think its based on exposures to complex information-based systems and parts without the full educational understandings. These historical contents are much too large to embark on, but any exposure would probably help at this point. Hint, hint. LOL., -See "Bicameralism" (Psychology).
Meow wow (23 дня назад)
The whole cop thing. I worry about disabled persons or mentally ill being treated wrong by them. what if someone is deaf?
Eleana Anaele (23 дня назад)
fidanseyid seyidli (23 дня назад)
turkler nerde lan
Pijush Mandal (23 дня назад)
A beautiful mind.
FP !! (23 дня назад)
We have to ban thriller movies. They make schizophrenic people worst.
Mariah Lambily (24 дня назад)
jorgepeterbarton (24 дня назад)
Schizophrenia spectrum disorders should be getting the same neurodiversity movement as autism and recognition as both gift and something requiring atypical considerations. After all, its been supposed Einstein had a schizotypal personality, not autism, he doesnt fit autism, all the evidence including family history of schizophrenia, its just that autism is considered the 'gifted genius' but schizotypy can be too! Clearly this woman is an example. Acute psychosis as well, is potentially a way someones psyche fixes itself, not a way of breaking itself as is currently often seen.
Damla Kündün (24 дня назад)
Sen.. sen hayatımda gördüğüm en güçlü kadınlardan birisin. ♥ yolun açık olsun güzel insan.
uche oky (25 дней назад)
Drugs maybe?
Wolfie Blackheart (25 дней назад)
uche oky drugs can develope schizophrenia but as she said she was born with it. There's 2 areas of the brain which causes hallucinations, the visual cortex (which gives you sight) and the consciousness area of the brain (can't remember the name). So if both are firing at the same time on and off simultaneously and that's what causes it (it's more complicated than that but that's the dumbed down version) so that's when visual and mental hallucinations come to life.
Charles Whorton (25 дней назад)
This is a creepy lady that should be institutionalized. People like her hurt people.
Chris Moen (25 дней назад)
I am so on board with this. I left school to live at home because I was deemed as a problem. I wish I had help back then
SweetTea (26 дней назад)
her mouth is dry
Lila Elfe (26 дней назад)
Why did they call the police? (Sorry, my first language isn't English)
Plutomations (26 дней назад)
am I the only one that doesn't feel bad because theyre also schizophrenic? because yea me too im schizophrenic
Queerlig (26 дней назад)
Hello! We have noticed that there are a lot of different captions to this video which is great! There is no German translation, though, and we would like to offer our help and add one in German. Is there a way to submit it?
Sedat Kaya (27 дней назад)
İ am qızy wennım
Aaron Hayes (27 дней назад)
My psychiatrist thinks i might have schizophrenia because i see the girl that you described from the ring. I thought she was a ghost but now Im starting to question and i have O.C.D so now idk if ill be able to sleep for a few days. Thank you though because not many people talk about serious things like this which really doesn't help those of us who might have it yet not know.
Janeth MY :V (27 дней назад)
This talk is so beautiful . You are a good and beautiful person. Cheer up :3
Insane_mad (27 дней назад)
Omg her and my mom are like the same!!!!! Hahahah fml
Candy Patra (27 дней назад)
you are beautiful darlin ❤❤❤❤😛😘:) yes there is a problem it is u beautiful and be beautiful :)))

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